Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fassbender,Gosling or Pitt?

2011 seems to be a year that is great for the career of these actors.While Brad Pitt is well known face in the movies and Ryan Gosling a indie favourite,Michael Fassbender is a rising star.So what does these three actors have in common? Besides they are great actors,they are having serious buzz as contenders for the Best Actor category.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt has two critically acclaimed movie this year.While he is garnering serious buzz for the supporting category for the Tree of Life,it is Moneyball that made him to be mentioned here.Brad Pitt plays once baseball prodigy whose career didn't took off well and becomes a general manager for the Oaklands Athletics.Brad Pitt performance received great reviews and critics do appreciate the humor inserted by him into the character Beane.Brad Pitt is no more the sexy guy in the movies .He seems to start to choose good roles and manage to perform too.From the Curious Case of Benjamin Button to Moneyball and so on.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling appeared as the stuntman  who have a totally different life at night the film Drive while he played a junior campaign manager who at first was reluctant and disgust at how the politician plays dirty tricks,at last losing himself and becoming equally bad and cunning in The Ides of March.Ryan's performance in both film brought him great reviews and he was praised for carrying two very distinct roles.Ryan had been snubbed before for his performance in Blue Valentine and Lars and the Real Girl.Ryan Gosling had done so distinct roles this year and even tried comedy for the first time in Crazy Stupid Love

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender not only have starred in 4 critically acclaimed movies this year,Jane Eyre,X-Men First Class,a Dangerous Method and the masterpiece Shame, his film X-Men First Class is one of the successful movie at the box officce this year.However,it is the film Shame and the David Croneberg a Dangerous Method made Michael to be mention here.While Michael received favourable review in the film a Dangerous Method for his portrayal of Carl Jung,he received universal acclaimed for his performance as the sex addict Brandon in Shame.His performance as a vulnerable man who have a serous addiction was moving so raw.Michael Fassbender seem to play  flawed roles so well.I couldn't even  imagine what and how Michael did to become Brandon during  the shooting as it is a very disturbed character.It is a very tormented character and for Michael to play it so well ,I'm speechless.Michael bared his soul and gave a breathtaking performance in the film Shame.He won the Volpi cup at the Venice Film Festival which I believe is the beginning of his winning streak.
So which of these three wonderful actors would get nominated for the best actor category for the 84th Best Actor category?Based on the lengthy explanation,I reckon you guys had guessed I'm rooting for Michael Fassbender.YES,I am but I also appreciate the performance of the other two.So who are you rooting for ?Who do you guys feels deserved the nomination the most?


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Great post.

The order that I'm rooting for them in for the lead actor category is Fassbender first for Shame, then Gosling for either role, and lastly Pitt.

But right now I am predicting that Pitt has a better chance at actually being nominated, based upon his existing star power and clout in the industry.

I would be totally thrilled, though, if they snubbed Pitt for Moneyball and nominated him instead as supporting in The Tree Of Life!

F.FRANKLIN said...

Me too!I'm also hoping for Pitt to get nominated for the supporting category in The Tree of Life!
Michael Fassbender did amazing job in Shame...fingers crossed!Fassy for the Oscars!