Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pure Talent- Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones who stole everyone  attention using just her performance in the indie film Like Crazy,is the actress I would like to highlight in the Pure Talent section.
Felicity Jones(27 years) started her acting career in television film and series projects until she got a small role in the film Flashbacks Of A Fool.She played the younger version of Ruth and did a descent job as the crush/friend of Joe Scot(Harry Eden) who is cheated by him who is having an affair with a elderly women.
After appearing in series of films, Felicity appeared as Anna in the indie film  Like Crazy.Her performance garnered  positive reviews from the critics and even earned a  Special Grand Jury Prize in the Sundance Film Festival.Her portrayal as Anna the British exchange student wowed the critics.Her emotional  bathing scene with Anton Yelchin also created some attention.Many had compared her portrayal of Anna to Carey Mulligan in An Education.The chemistry between Felicity and Anton works and Felicity does a good job in conveying expressions like awkwardness and lonely.All the dialogues Felicity speaks in the film are improvised  by herself during the takes as the director wanted everything to be raw and real.That's pure talent!
Then she appeared in the film Chalet Girl which received  mixed reviews but praises for her performance as the skateboarder champion that becomes a chalet girl due to some personal problems.she is about to appear in the films Hysteria ,Cheerful Weather For The Wedding and the BBC drama Page Eight.
Paramount Pictures had started campaigning for Felicity Jones for the Oscars. Felicity looks like a strong contender for the Best Actress category and only time will say whether Felicity makes it.
All the best to Felicity Jones both for the Oscars and her career.Next week Memonisma will be highlighting Joseph Gordon Levitt,a well known face who is at the peak in his career as an actor.

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