Monday, 10 October 2011

Michelle Williams Does It Again!!!!!

Directed by Simon Curtis, My Week with Marilyn stars Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe and Eddie Redmyane,Kenneth Branagh,Dominic Cooper and Emma Watson.The film is about the events Colin Clark(Eddie) endured with Marilyn(Michelle) at the time of the shooting of The Prince and the Showgirl.The film premiered yesterday in New York Film Festival and here are some excerpts of the reviews of the film.Most of the reviews have been positive and mostly directed to Michelle Williams who managed to portray the iconic role well even when so many was doubtful she could.

Williams is the least showy aspect of the film, an astonishing fact since so many portrayals of Monroe border on cartoon. You can tell the work she put into this performance: not just with the voice, mannerisms and attitude, but with the eyes. Williams draws you into Monroe's wounded soul slowly, carefully and deliberately. -Christopher Rosen,

Williams is luminous and vulnerable. But she also plays Marilyn as a woman who knows what she’s doing. She isn’t a victim. Indeed, this Marilyn is a little bit of a manipulator. Williams gives her an edge that lifts Marilyn off the list of Dead Famous Stars and makes her human. And she sings–Williams shows off a convincing voice–not a “Mr. President” whisper but Marilyn’s real singing voice–another reason Academy voters will embrace her.-Roger Friedman,

I will post my own review of the film soon.But I have to say this to those who were doubtful of michelle,your opinion will change when you watch the film.


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

I'm really glad to hear that this is playing well. And I didn't realize that she sings too!

F.FRANKLIN said...

yeah, she sings!!she is so talented!