Saturday, 29 October 2011

My Top 13 Horror Films

Since its Halloween,I wanna list some of my my favourite horror movies here in Memonisma.Some are scary while some I loved it for being just good.

Japan is really good in  making quality horror films and Ringu is the best of all the films.The plot is about the a videotape which is cursed and the person who watches it will die in a week.Sounds silly it, your opinion will change.

2.Let The Right One In & Let Me In
Both the Swedish and English adaptation of the novel Let The Right One In is considered the most refreshing horror film of the decade.They are not that scary when you compare to the other films but both really good films.The performance of the young actors in the films are superb.

3.Wishing Stairs
Korean film Wishing Stairs is another favourite of mine.It deals on  a legend that if  you climb a 28 steps stairs and count it loudly ,and find a 29th stairs,a spirit will appear and grant a you a wish.But as usual the spirits never gives anything for free.

4.The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
My favourite of the exorcist series.I loved this movie mainly for the performance of Jennifer Carpenter and limbs bending scenes.

5.Rosemary's Baby
A classical horror film by Roman Polanski.The film deals about a women who is carrying Satan's son in her womb.

A film with a simple plot that whoever enters this haunting house will die.The brilliant sound effects and the makeups makes you cringe.NOTE: the  ghost sound in the movie is made from the sound of a comb scratching a table.That's freakin cool!

7.The Sixth Sense
A good horror film with a unexpected twist in the ending by M.Night Syamalan.The tent scene where the girl ghost who had been poisoned is quite scary.M.Night Syamalan might be a one trick pony when it comes to unexpected twists in his film,but you have to agree those twist are really good and it requires talent.

8.Drag Me To Hell
A film that deals with a women cursed by a gypsy women played wonderfully by Alison Lohman and Lorna Raver as the young women and the gypsy women respectively.the film had a very impressive and fast screenplay and some frightening and disgusting scenes too.Yes.. the attack in the car and at the funeral house scenes.

Carrie based on the Stephen King novel,is another of my favourite.It is not scary if you ask me but its a good film to watch.

10. The Hills Have Eyes -2006
The remake of the original film  which is also equally scary.The scene where those mutated people attacks the family all at the same time was my favourite scene though i was a little disgusted  with some of the scenes(I was 14 at that time in my defense)

11.Paranormal Activity
A low budget film with a simple plot but it has some frightening scenes even though you don't get to see the ghost until the end of the film.

12. Manichitratazhu
An Indian film that is about a housewife who gets possessed by the spirit of a  Indian classical dancer who was killed like 50 years ago by the king for refusing his sexual advances .The film also deals with psychology issues  faced by the wife which actually played a role in the possession.

The Thai film Shutter is another of my favourite.There are few scenes that are really scary especially the last scenes where it is revealed the ghost is actually sitting on the shoulders of the men who is responsible for her death.

That's the list of my favourite  horror films. What you think about the list?.. have you watch all of them ?
Have a nice celebration if you're celebrating!


Candice Frederick said...

you've got some good ones on here. i love shutter, carrie, rosemary's baby and the sixth sense

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