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What to Expect from Game of Thrones Season 4 (Non- Spoilers)

Since the fourth season of Game of Thrones will be premiering in the first week of April, I would like to dedicate a post on  what to expect for season 4 for the non book readers with no spoilers. Note: pics were place randomly  to avoid spoilers

1) Losing Identities
- Last season , we had Jaime Lannister, Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy lose their identity in their own way. However this season two characters loses their identity both literally and metaphorically and adapt to their  new persona, new name in  a very sad way but  still kicking arse.

- What would Game of Thrones be if there were no deaths? Without giving any hints ,I'll just say that  there will be at least 6 deaths  this season, characters compromising the main cast.Major Characters. Some would be really sad, some would be surprising and one particular death will be really smelly.

- If the season is gonna be faithful to the book, there should be two weddings this season and one particular wedding is gonna be filled with drama thanks to the plotting, Joffrey continuing being a douche towards everyone especially his uncle, a maid in  a purple hairnet,attention seekers and vendettas. Its gonna be louder than the Red Wedding.

4) Jon Snow's arc finally gets interesting
- I always found Jon Snows arc to be quite boring and lack luster.Maybe its because of Kit Harrington's constant pouting or other characters like Samwell Tarly, Ygriette(Rose Leslie), the wildlings and even Ghost outshines Jon Snow.However, things are about to get serious and interesting in his arc.New responsibility, new maturity and new side we haven't seen him in.Plus, there's a big war rising and walkers will be making a cameo as well.

5) Tyrell's plans finally start to bloom
- The Tyrell wanted the crown and they are really close to it. Margaery is getting married to the King and Tyrells are looking forward to settle their grounds permanently in Kings Landing.So will their plans bore fruits?

6) Weirder scenes
If you think incest, manhood chopping and naked lady giving birth to a demon in a cave is weird, brace for yourself for more weirder scenes this season. While one involves a sex scene in a very wrong location  another involves a kiss in the snow.

7)  Daenerys Targaryen's prophecy starts to get fulfilled
"we know… the shape of shadows… morrows not yet made… drink from the cup of ice… drink from the cup of fire… Mother of Dragons… Child of Three… three heads has the dragon… three fires must you light: one for life and one for death and one to love… three mounts must you ride: one to bed and one to dread and one to love… three treasons will you know: once for blood and once for gold and once for love… daughter of death, slayer of lies, bride of fire…" -Clash of Kings , G.R.R.M

-While the exact prophecy was never ever mentioned in the TV series, this is the prophecy about Daenerys pathway which was told to her in the House of the Undying.Daenerys was betrayed for blood in Season 1 by the witch who made her barren and killed her unborn child and she did  marry Khal Drogo( one of the mounts:one to the bed). She did light one fire for  life when she walked into the flames in season 1.So which part of rest of the prophecy is gonna be fulfilled this time?

8) Everything Dornish
Located in the south of Westeros, the Dornish folks are known for their darker skin tone, they also have different accent and different traditions.They are very open minded, very sexual(having paramours,sexually adventurous) and are the feminists of Westeros. This season we will be introduced to Dornish characters who are travelling to King's Landing for the Purple Wedding with a vendetta in their mind against the Lannister.(Side note: Tywin and his army killed The Targaryens and Elia of Dorne who were married to Rhaegar-Dany's elder brother) Even though I'm not that fond of the casting choice of Oberyn Martell(nothing against the actor,just felt Oberyn should be a little more darker)I'm pretty sure Oberyn would turn out to be a fan favourite. Based on the trailer, Oberyn will be the highlight of the season.

9) Avenging for the Starks
- Finally, someone is gonna avenge for the Starks but its gonna be someone nobody would have guessed. I guess this will act as the closing scene of Season 4.

10) The Greyjoy Siblings  and the Boltons Dilemma
 -  Will there be remorse in Theon Greyjoy when he hears the truth about the Red Wedding? will he escape his tormentor? A new character will be introduced in the Bolton arc.She's gonna be so much fun to watch since she will be one of the most optimistic character in whole Westeros and definitely delivers a positive message to those with body issues.

11) Restoring honor as a new beginning
- While one particular character gets a  very long quest involving a Stark to restore  his or her honor , two other characters try to restore their honor as a Kingsguard.

12)Season of the Lannisters
  -  this season will focus  more on the Lannister especially the Lannister siblings. We get to see more about this dysfunctional family and learn more secrets about their past and there's gonna be lots of plotting and betrayal.

13) Stannis finally shows why he is awesome
 - Stannis had always been a fan favourite in the books .However, TV Stannis is the opposite of it and this season  TV Stannis is gonna redeem himself. Hopefully.

Finally just for the book readers.

14) PETYRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- you'll get it when you watch the scene

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lore -review

Lore named after the titular character is  about the journey of Lore(Saskia Rosendahl)13 year old  German girl along with her siblings Liesel(Nele Trebs ),the twins Gunther and Jurgen( André Frid  &Mika Seidel) and and a crying baby travelling across Germany  towards their grandmother's house during the last days of the war . Lore being brought up in a comfortable life and Nazis propaganda must now take the role of the parent as her Nazi parents are in prison, learning   the truth of her parents and  Germany  itself while travelling across the country.To make things  worse Lore is experiencing this sexual awakening towards a person she is taught to loathe since a child.

This film might be seen as a Nazi sympathising film as it focuses on the the plights endured by these Nazi children but that's not the intention of this film.One of the message of this film is that everyone is somehow affected by the war  no matter what side they belong to.There is no real winner when it comes to war.Lore and her siblings starts their journey as these  children with their own innocent ideology about the war but only to find the truth about their heritage and the German's role in the great Holocaust.

The character Lore itself represents the mentality of Germans at that time.Tainted with Nazi propaganda ,she  loathes the Jews for no solid reason  and regard her heritage as something special.However, as  Germany itself is in a transition ,her views will change as she find herself  needing the help of the people she considers dirt  as well learning  her parents direct involvement in the holocaust.Not to forget her attraction towards the mysterious Tomas(Kai Malina).While she is having all those emotions in her,she is also trying  her best  to keep all these secrets from her siblings and eventually making the burden more heavier.

The screenplay is slow but effective.All the different  the ideology about the war is beautifully depicted.We get to see people who are in denial,people who seems to think the Holocaust is created by the American and etc.The cinematography is one of the major plus.There are some really simple scenes showcasing the emotions of the characters simple actions throughout the film.My favourite would be the final scene where
Liesel asks Lore to play with her but  Lore breaks down into  tears saying  she cant do that anymore and  the revelation  about Tomas identity..Another strong scene would be when Lore initiates sex with Kai with a notion a Jew would be greedy and a opportunist(stereotypes) but only to  being refused by him.

Every scene looks immaculate and  the colour washed scenes  is a delight.(I will attach the trailer which in my opinion  was one of the best trailers of 2012) As for the performance everyone  does a splendid job from the titular  Saskia Rosendahl to the unnamed  baby.Saskia Rosendahl is definitely one  talented actress.She performs her role with maturity and with ample  naivety.Another surprising performance would be the sister Liesel played by the ferocious Nele Trebs .Her character, just like Lore  has to grow up and take up grown up responsibility.However unlike Lore  she is not tainted with the Nazi propaganda and has these childlike will of  wanting to live.Nele Trebs performance kinda reminded me of Maisie Williams in the Game of Thrones and she has some strong confrontational scenes with Saskia Rosendahl.Kai Malina as the mysterious Tomas is another surprise.His character has a lot of potential but sadly is really under developed .I  dont see why making Tomas identity ambigious hasvalid purpose and totally uncalled for.

Overall,Lore is one of those different WW1 films focusing on the human emotions guilt and losing of innocence.I definitely recomend this film for those who want to watch a WW1 movie from the Germans perspective.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3 -extended trailer

So HBO had released the extended trailer of the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones.Everything looks superb in the trailer especially the scenes of Brienne of Tarth fighting the bear as well some  sightings of the new characters.I also loved that Sansa Stark was featured only for few seconds as most of her storyline this season is full of surprises and OMG's.Check out the trailer!!!!

PS:Do check out  my  post on what to expect in Game of Thrones Season 3 (Non-Spoiler)

Monday, 25 February 2013

85th Academy Awards-winners(full list)


Best Picture: ‘Argo’

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis (‘Lincoln’)

-When Daniel Day Lewis is in the same category,you just don't win.He is probably the best actor of our generation.Congrats to him.

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence (‘Silver Linings Playbook’)

-I guess Jessica Chastain will be the next Kate Winslet,who continues to give the best in all her movies but only get ignored by the AMPAS.

Best Director: Ang Lee (‘Life of Pi’)

-Despite being a Taiwanese,he manages to capture the Indian essence in the movie and made a film that is faithful to the book.Thats a rare thing in Hollywood.

Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz (‘Django Unchained’)

-Although I wanted Phillip Seymour Hoffman to win,I thought he was really good in Django Unchainned when I finally managed to watch it recently.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (‘Les Misérables’)

-She was lovely and indeed the best performance of 2012 by an actress.

Best Original Screenplay: ‘Django Unchained,’ Quentin Tarantino

Best Adapted Screenplay: ‘Argo,’ Chris Terrio

Best Film Editing: ‘Argo’

Best Cinematography: ‘Life of Pi’ (Claudio Miranda)

-My favourite of the nominee would be Anna Karenina and Skyfall..just saying

Best Visual Effects: ‘Life of Pi’

-Watching Life of Pi in 3D is a visual feast

Best Production Design: ‘Lincoln’

Best Costume Design: ‘Anna Karenina’ (Jacqueline Durran)

-My favourite win of the ceremony.Anna Karenina is a technically very strong film and deserves all the accolades its receiving

Best Animated Feature

 Film: ‘Brave’

-Kudos to Merida!

Best Sound Mixing: ‘Les Misérables’

Best Sound Editing: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ & ‘Skyfall’ (tie)

-I was not expecting for a tie

Best Original Score: Mychael Danna (‘Life of Pi’)

-Again I was hoping for Anna Karenina  but I gotta admit Pi's Lulaby was very soothing and traditional.

Best Original Song: “Skyfall” Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth (‘Skyfall’)

-Love this song and loved all the other nominees too.

Best Short Film (Animated): ‘Paperman’

Best Short Film (Live Action): ‘Curfew’

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: ‘Les Misérables’

-The ageing of Hugh Jackman was brilliantly done in the movie.So its well deserved win.

Best Documentary (Short Subject): ‘Inocente’

Best Documentary Feature: ‘Searching for Sugar Man’

Best Foreign Language Film: ‘Amour’ (Austria)

-Probably one of the best film of last year and I was glad AMPAS managed to overlooked its dark tone.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Favourite Couples-(Movies,TV,Literature)+Crazy Shipping

In no particular order,I have included  a list my favourite couples in TV shows,movies and fictional novels.Some of the couples are just basically fanboy shipping.Have a look!

Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger
-They have been bickering throughout the series and yet its one of that kind of relationship where you know they're gonna end up snogging like crazy.In the movies,the chemistry between Rupert  Grint and Emma Watson was convincing enough to create the magic between Ron and Hermione.I guess the final scene  in the Chamber of Secrets where Hermione hugs Harry and then hesitates to hug Ron was the first clue of their blossoming relationship.The novels are filled with Ron Hermione moments that just makes one to smirk at the pages.

Sansa Stark and Gendry Waters( ASOIAF)
-Sansa realising that no man will ever love her for herself but only for her claim is one of the signs that she is becoming wiser and growing up.In the universe of ASOIAF ,I don't think  she would ever meet a nice guy that would love her for herself except for Gendry Waters.Gendry hates the royals and seems to be a guy with principle.Plus their current geographical location makes sense and by these pairing ,the Stark /Baratheon promise made by their fathers can be fulfilled.

Harry  Potter and Luna Lovegood
- I always liked Cho Chang and Harry as a couple but after coming across the fan made posters of these two,it kinda feel right.They are both quirky and loners and it would be amazing for these two individual to fall in love.I  felt the Ginny /romance part came out of nowhere especially on Harry's part and Ginny looking exactly as Harry's mum makes things a bit creepy.

Achilles and Patroclus( A Song of Achilles)
-The relationship between these two characters are portrayed with dignity and respect by the author Madelline Miller.It's also refreshing to see two masculine male characters falling in love as media loves portray LGBT characters according to stereotypes .The stages of their relationship are depicted beautifully and I liked the fact that Achilles was very human only towards Patroclus and therefore showing love is a very mortal thing.

Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo( A Song Of Ice and Fire)
-A barbaric leader and a virgin exiled Princess..that sounded quite scary .Not to mention Daenerys age in the books and she was basically sold by her brother to Khal Drogo.Every element  that could go wrong in a relationship  are present in this particular  and yet somehow love manages to blossom between these two different individual.She manages to tame his fury and make him more tender  and loving while he made her bold and strong.So TV Daenerys and  Khal Drogo are a perfect match.

Emma Swan and Regina Mills(Once Upon a Time)
-Well this one falls under the category of shipping.The chemistry between Lana Parilla and Jennifer Morison is so great that even when they at each others throat ,they look so good together as a couple.Wanna be different than other fairy tales about making the Evil Queen falling for Snow White's daughter.That would be really different and bold!Plus Henry gets both his mothers.Everyone is satisfied.

Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky(How I Met Your Mother)
-The womaniser meets the Canadian sweetheart.Legendary!

Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy  Williams(Pride and Prejudice 2005)
-growing up as a boy with feminist ideologies ,I find the character Elizabeth to be quite inspiring .I'm a huge fan  of Joe Wright movies and this film is no exception.All the long shots looks gorgeous and the chemistry between Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden is another plus point.

Arwen and Aragorn(The Lord of The Rings)
-The love between an immortal Elve and a mortal human being.While in the books,very less of Arwen  was mentioned,the movies basically immortalised their love story.The fanboy in me screams 'Liv Tyler is so Hot"

Evelyn and Rick(The Mummy)
-Chasing mummies in Egypt with a wife like Rachel Weisz ,thats a dream of every guy.

Yukito Tsukishiro  and Touya Kinomoto(Cardcaptor Sakura)
-I was literally 10 when I started watching this anime and I was always intrigued by the relationship of these two  male characters.I would be like 'there's something weird about these two' and  years later when I re watched the Japanese version , I got a better understanding Yukito and Touya.

Richard Castle and   Kate Beckett(Castle)
- They are  so  funny together!

Ruth& Tommy &Kathy(Never Let Me Go)
-I couldn't choose only two as i feel they fit perfectly as a trio and complement each other really well.Andrew Garfield,Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightlety performance in the film adaptation is equally superb.

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark(The Hunger Games)
-The only couple in the list where the roles have been reversed and  surprisingly it works really well.Katniss being the hunter and tough one complement well with the soft spoken Peeta who is a peace lover.Gale who?

Hans Hubermann and Rosa Hubermann(The Book Thief)
-Even though both of them are always cursing at each other ,they embodies that old couple that everybody knows,the couple that cant stop bickering but love each other very dearly.I would love for Imelda Staunton to play Rosa.

Liesel Meminger and Rudy Steiner(The Book Thief)
-The pure bond  between two children during WW2 where hatred slowly changes into love and attraction.

Charlie and Claire(Lost)
-I just love these two.The fact that Charlie wants to be responsible for the first time in his life in order to look after the already preagnant Claire and Claire learning to trust a man even though with her bad history with man.

Charlie Kelmeckis and Sam(The Perks of Being a Wallflower)
-The awkward  and naive Charlie meets Sam  the girl with a bad reputation who wants to reinvent herself.He loves her genuinely for she is and thats something she never got from her older boyfriends.

Edward Scissorhand and Kim(Edward Scissorhand )
-Winona Forever!That fake snow scene was really beautiful.

Jack Dawson and  Rose DeWitt Bukater(Titanic)
-Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio remains one of the famous couple that ever grace the screen.Its  different take of the famous Romeo and Juliet in a ship.

Derek and Stiles(Teen Wolf)
-Okay I dont actually watch this show but the hype and craziness around this couple(shipping) got my attention and after watching few clips in YouTube,I kinda like these two together.I guess its the chemistry between the two actors and funny situations these two end up in.

Whats your favourite couple?Just leave it in the comment section.

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Perks of Being a Wallflower-deleted scenes(Candace Storyline)

I think I have made it clear enough my love for Steven Chobosky's Perks of Being a Wallflower.Its one of those rarest film that touches you and stays with you.

Today,I came across the deleted scenes  of the film that were removed in order to retain its PG 13 rating.These scenes are the storyline are involving Charlie and sister Candace which tackles the subject of teenage pregnancy and abortion.Its  so sad that they have to delete  these scenes as they were superb.
As I have mentioned in my review,the relationship  between Candace and Charlie is  one of the  beautiful sibling relationship I have stumbled upon in a movie or a novel.The chapter were Charlie accompanies Candace to the clinic  and covers her with a blanket after the abortion while picturing his sister when she was smaller with nothing to worry about.Its really touching.

I also included the alternate opening of the film.While I find the scene quite heavy,its  very realistic.

If you havent watch the film,PLEASE go and watch it.

Warm Bodies-review

Directed by 50/50 Jonathan Levine,the Warm Bodies has Nicholas Hoult(X-Men First Class,A Single  Man),Teresa Palmer(December Boys,I Am Number 4) Analeigh Tipton and Dave Franco.
It had been compared to another Summit Entertainment film,Twilight.Let me assure you that The Warm Bodies are actually very different from Twilight by having likable leads and being humorous in a good way.

In a post apocalyptic world,zombies and  the remaining survivors lives a separate lives.The main character R(Nicholas Hoult),a zombie,doesn't remember his name or any information about himself and spends his whole day searching for food(humans).He has a bit human feelings intact to him(his conscience) .When this feeling leaves him or the  will to change ,he will degrade into a creature called the Boney.One day,while searching for food,R and the other zombies come across a group of human(Analeigh,Teresa and Dave Franco).R who  is fond of eating brains so that he could feel the memory of the person he is eating quickly attacks  Perry(Dave Franco) and starts to eat his brain.By doing so,he absorbs the memory of Perry and his love for Julie(Teresa Palmer).Finding Julie fascinating or attractive(based on Perry's memory) R decides not eat Julie and brings her back to his home.There he tries impress her by being kind to her and starts to fall for her and eventually starting to cure himself.Whether or not the girl reciprocate his feelings forms the crux of the movie.

Jonathan Levine again does a good job in directing the film.In 50/50,he took a serious cancer film and inserted humour in the film and does the same in Warm Bodies.The usage of humour works really well is a fresh take of a film of Zombie genre.

Nicholas Hoult who plays R in the film is awesome.He is perfectly casted in the film.His monologue are  so funny and he gives a charming performance throughout the film.Unlike in Twilight,you actually understand why the girl should fall for the zombie or in other words you find the zombie very likable.
Teresa Palmer  playing the girlfriend role  does an okay job.However her chemistry with Nicholas Hoult is so convincing and believable.

Analeigh Tipton  is very endearing  and funny in the film.I loved her performance in Crazy Stupid Love .She has this likable quality like Emma Stone has.She just need a right script to propel her to stardom.Another standout would be the guy who plays M,R's zombie pal.He had some of the best one liners in the film.

In the end,the fact that this film never takes it too serious  and being a quirky and funny  horror/zombie film,its  definitely a must watch film no matter how much you hate paranormal romance film.