Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Warm Bodies-review

Directed by 50/50 Jonathan Levine,the Warm Bodies has Nicholas Hoult(X-Men First Class,A Single  Man),Teresa Palmer(December Boys,I Am Number 4) Analeigh Tipton and Dave Franco.
It had been compared to another Summit Entertainment film,Twilight.Let me assure you that The Warm Bodies are actually very different from Twilight by having likable leads and being humorous in a good way.

In a post apocalyptic world,zombies and  the remaining survivors lives a separate lives.The main character R(Nicholas Hoult),a zombie,doesn't remember his name or any information about himself and spends his whole day searching for food(humans).He has a bit human feelings intact to him(his conscience) .When this feeling leaves him or the  will to change ,he will degrade into a creature called the Boney.One day,while searching for food,R and the other zombies come across a group of human(Analeigh,Teresa and Dave Franco).R who  is fond of eating brains so that he could feel the memory of the person he is eating quickly attacks  Perry(Dave Franco) and starts to eat his brain.By doing so,he absorbs the memory of Perry and his love for Julie(Teresa Palmer).Finding Julie fascinating or attractive(based on Perry's memory) R decides not eat Julie and brings her back to his home.There he tries impress her by being kind to her and starts to fall for her and eventually starting to cure himself.Whether or not the girl reciprocate his feelings forms the crux of the movie.

Jonathan Levine again does a good job in directing the film.In 50/50,he took a serious cancer film and inserted humour in the film and does the same in Warm Bodies.The usage of humour works really well is a fresh take of a film of Zombie genre.

Nicholas Hoult who plays R in the film is awesome.He is perfectly casted in the film.His monologue are  so funny and he gives a charming performance throughout the film.Unlike in Twilight,you actually understand why the girl should fall for the zombie or in other words you find the zombie very likable.
Teresa Palmer  playing the girlfriend role  does an okay job.However her chemistry with Nicholas Hoult is so convincing and believable.

Analeigh Tipton  is very endearing  and funny in the film.I loved her performance in Crazy Stupid Love .She has this likable quality like Emma Stone has.She just need a right script to propel her to stardom.Another standout would be the guy who plays M,R's zombie pal.He had some of the best one liners in the film.

In the end,the fact that this film never takes it too serious  and being a quirky and funny  horror/zombie film,its  definitely a must watch film no matter how much you hate paranormal romance film.


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