Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lawless Trailer

Based on the novel the  The Wettest County  In The World,the film has Shia LaBeouf,Tom Hardy ,Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska.Just based on the trailer there were two standouts that I cant wait to see Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce who is not recognisable at all.

And here is  still from Ang Lee's The Life of Pi staring Suraj Sharma,Tabu and Tobey Maguire.It looks interesting.

PS:It is confirmed that Saoirse Ronan and Jennifer Connelly had officially joined Darren Afronsky Noah!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Safety Not Guaranteed-Trailer

I came across two of these indie flick trailer.Both has interesting plot with intriguing cast .Check it out.

Three interns in a company try to locate a man who advertise for a companion to time travel in the newspaper.The cast include Jake Johnson ,Aubrey Plazza and more.This film looks like the film that make you smile and cry at the same time.

Struck By Lightning stars Chris Colfer,Sarah Hyland,Rebel Wilson and many more.After getting strucked by lightning,a high school journalist thinks about how he manipulates and forces the students to contribute his article for his benefit.Chris Colfer does not only star in this movie but also wrote the screenplay .Plus,he sounds and look like a guy in this film.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

85th Academy Awards-Best Actress(predictions)

1.Helen Hunt,The Surrogate(Predicted Winner)

-Oscar winner Helen Hunt will be playing a surrogate hired by John Hawkes to loose his virginity.Very less is known about the film and her role but those who had watched it in Sundance enjoyed her  bold performance .The only thing that could hurt her chances is the risky theme and if the film is explicit.

2.Keira Knightley,Anna Karenina

-Although she more of a celebrity than a actress,Keira Knightley had proved that she is a descent actress by choosing challenging roles throughout her career like Atonement,Pride and Prejudice,Never Let Me Go and The Dangerous Method.In Anna Karenina,Keira will be playing an aristocrat having affair with the Count which will be played by Kick Ass star Aaron Johnson.The affair will have a serious implication on her marriage and her life.

3.Laura Linney,Hyde Park On Hudson

-Laura Linney will be playing Margarett Suckley, a distant cousin of the the President  Roosevelt  who had a affair with the president.Laura Linney is a talented actress and a three time Oscar nominee.I loved her innocent looks and her performance in Kinsey and really looking forward of her interpretation of the famous scandal.

4.Viola Davis,Wont Back Down

-Viola Davis would be playing a mother trying to improve a failing school alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal.She was the favourite of many to win last year,so she could win this time.I'm very happy to see Viola in a another dramatic role as there are less black actress in these genre of films.

5.Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Smashed

-It seems it is quite often that one of the slot of best actress given to young upcoming actresses who gave their best performance.past years,we had Jennifer Lawrence,Gabourey Sidibe,Carey Mulligan and the recent Rooney Mara and this year it looks like it is Mary Elizabeth Winstead getting her first nod.Her portrayal of the alcoholic teacher who is trying to fix her addiction is getting the attention of the critics.Just filmed in 19 days,many critics had already praising her performance of the complex and multilayer character.

6.Amy Adams,Trouble With The curve

-Three times Oscar Nominee Amy Adams  would be playing Clint Eastwood daughter in this film which will explore the father/daughter duo trying to fix their relationship.Amy Adams also has another two interesting roles this year(The Master and On The Road)

7.Marion Cotillard,Lowlife

-playing a immigrant who was tricked  being  a burlesque dancer,this is her first English speaking lead role.There will be singing,dancing and drama,sounds Oscar bait to me.The only problem here is I'm not sure the actual release date of this film.

8.Melanie Lynskey,Hello I must Be Going

-Just like last winner Octavia Spencer,Melanie Lynskey had been playing the roles of the friend or sister or aunt.Hello I Must Be Going showcased her acting chops and critics loved her portrayal of the middle aged woman having affair with a younger boy.Although a really damn good campaigning is required for her to secure a nod.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Prometheus -Character Featurette-David(Michael Fassbender)

Check out the character featurette of the Android David played by Michael Fassbender in the film Prometheus.I am really impressed with this video and is constantly reminded how brilliant Michael Fassbender is.
I also included the international trailer of The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Shadows.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

85th Academy Awards-Best Actor(Predictions)

1.Daniel Day Lewis, Lincoln(Predicted Winner)

-We seldom see him onscreen but whenever he is onscreen,he transforms into the character even in the critical failure film Nine.In Lincoln,Daniel Day Lewis would be playing Abraham Lincoln one of America's famous president alongside an amazing cast like Sally Field(I love this woman),Joseph Gordon Levitt and more.Will Daniel Day Lewis pull a Meryl Streep win ? I think its absolutely possible when you put an actor like Daniel in the picture.

2.John Hawkes,The Surrogate

-He gave superb performance in Winter's Bone and in Martha Marcy May Marlene(MMMM),which I believed to be his best performance  in his career,he played a creepy/charming leader of a cult that haunts Martha all along the film.In the Surrogate,John Hawkes plays a man who is paralysed and tries to loose his virginity by hiring a surrogate.His performance received standing ovation in Sundance Film Festival and critics loved it.Since he was snubbed last year for MMMM, he deserves a nod this time and maybe win too.

3.Phillip Seymour Hoffman,The Master

-A film with a controversial plot revolving a modern religion where Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays the founder of the religion.Phillip Seymour Hoffman is not a stranger to controversial roles and he is probably one of the best actor working today.

4.Bill Murray,Hyde Park On Hudson

Another biopic on a president Franklin D.Roosevelt which will be played by Bill Murray.Unlike other biopic,this film will focus on his affair.Bill Murray was snubbed for his roles in Lost In Translation and Rushmore and this could lead him his second nomination.

5.Hugh Jackman,Les Miserables

-Hugh Jackman never had a role that could showcase his talent onscreen like Broadway does.This is the perfect role for him where he can showcase his singing,acting and even dancing  playing Jean Valjean.

Other Possible nominees:

6.Jamie Foxx,Django Unchained

- A Quentin Taratino film,where Jamie Foxx playing a slave turned bounty hunter trying save his wife.Jamie is a actor who is good in comedic and dramatic roles,so I'm looking forward for this film.

7.Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby

-Leonardo is one of those actors that should won an Oscar by now but continuously snubbed.He had played so many distinct roles in different genres of film.Based on the classic novel of the same name,Leonardo will be playing Jay Gatsby, a role with grey shades.

8.Sam Riley,On The Road

-Another adaptation of a classic novel based on the real life experiences of a group of novelist where Sam Riley plays Sal Paradise.Sam Riley had already proved he is a good actor with  films like Control and Franklyn and On The Road could land his first nomination.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Oliver Stone's Savages and Woody Allen's To Rome With Love-trailer

Checkout the new trailer of Oliver Stone's 'Savages' staring Taylor Kitsch,Aaron Johnson,Blake Lively,Salma Hayek,Emile Hirsch and many more.The movie is about the rescue attempt of two marijuana growers  when their girlfriend is kidnapped.Based on the trailer, the film is act with humour and action and based on the recent  test-screening,almost all reviews seem to be positive.

The here is another trailer from Woody Allen's  To Rome With Love with a large ensemble of actors which includes Woody Allen himself, Jesse Eisenberg,Penelope Cruz,Ellen Page and many more.I'm not impressed with the trailer but I'm not gonna judge the film based on the trailer as the film seem to be the perfect Oscar bait mainly for its actors.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Total Recall Trailer

Here is the trailer of the Total Recall trailer staring Colin Farrell,Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel.It is the remake of the 1990 film which originally has Schwartzenegger.Before judging the film for being a remake,just checkout the trailer,the visual effects looks awesome and it does help having an actor who can really act as the lead.

Also checkout this awesome video of Haley Reinhart's new single 'Free'.She has a very unique  and distinct voice which you can recognise easily and this song just proved that she should have won her season of American Idol.Too sad nowadays only the cutest one wins the title.