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Top 15 Harry Potter Character

It has been 5 years since the last book of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  was released and few months since  last installment of the Harry Potter film was released.So as my first post, i would like to pay a tribute for the best characters created by J.K Rowling which will last in our minds and hearts forever.

                                                           15. Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew  or also known as the traitor who told lord voldermort regarding Harry's parents out of fear and eventually cause both of them to die.Peter Pettigrew is one of the character the readers hated the  most .However ,at the same time there is a little pity we felt toward this character.He is like the spare wheel of the marauders and always treated  like a squib.He is never appreciated by anyone and even though  i don't want to admit this he had also done some bad but great things.Although we hated him to our core ,in a weird way we do feel he wanted to be appreciated even by doing something bad.His hesitant to kill Harry Potter at the malfoys manor made us feel he might have some remorse for his bad deed towards Lilly Potter.

                                                            14.Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin the quiet  and mysterious werewolf .He was the father figure for Harry during his third year at Hogwarts and became one of Harry's  most loyal adult friend.He was so brave and loyal to Harry and lost his life for Harry leaving behind his son Ted Lupin.It is a sad thing that Remus Lupin is one of the underused character in the film series.However his loyalty toward Harry and the order and to sacrifice of his and tonks life deserve a spot in our top 15.

Dobby the free elf.Dobby used to be house elf of the malfoys and proved itself to be a loyal friend to Harry ,Ron and Hermione.The kindness and sense of humour made Dobby leap into our hearts.The death of Dobby was one of the painful part in the books and made readers to shed tears.Dobby will always be in our heart.

                                                         12.Lord Voldermort  

Tom Marvolo Riddle  also known as  Lord Voldermort made up into my list for being a soulless villain.Lord Voldermort is one of villain you don't want to mess with.Unable to feel remorse or sympathy made him a cold hearted person.However,its his flashbacks in the half blood prince that made him memorable.His dark past as he was growing up and how charming and manipulative he can be make us wonder if he didn't lose the second wizarding war, what is the fate of the  magical world.

                                                            11.Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy,one of J.K Rowlings dark character with grey shades.Draco Malfoy is the spoilt rich brat who also grows internally as the series progresses.Unlike his tough personality outwards,Draco Malfoy is actually the complete opposite inside.Although he is a bully ,and loathes muggles first,he did hesitate to identify the trio at malfoy manor and did stop Goyle from shooting spells toward Harry in the room of requirements.Draco Malfoy sensitive nature that comes to surface as the series goes on made him worthy to be in the list.

                                                    10.Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom the  underdog at the beginning of the series and grows into a brave leader at the end of the series.He is the other boy who Trelwaney referred in the prophecy and if Severus Snape had stayed longer that day when the prophecy was made,he could be the boy who lived.However he did also get his own moment when he killed Nagini  bravely.Neville transformation from a boy who is bullied and taunted to a leader with courage is of course worthy to be in  the list.

                                                               9. Sirius Black

Sirius Black,Harry's rebel godfather also known as padfoot towards his close friends made to the list for his sarcastic attitude.He is a kid at heart even though he is a man.His love and care towards Harry is so moving for the readers as we know they both had lost their loved ones.The part where Sirius dies is also one of the saddest parts of the whole series.Sirius Black will be always remembered as the sarcastic rebel with a golden heart.

                                                            8.Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood the dreamy eyed ravenclaw is one of the most amusing and favourite characters of the  fans.The opposite of the logical Hermione,Luna always speaks something weird but funny all the time.Fans love the part where she commentates the quiditch match.As for the films goes,the scene where Luna orders Harry Potter at the ravenclaw stairs in the DH part 2 and the thestrals scenes in the Order of Phoenix is good.The dreamy Luna definitely is worthy to be in the list.

                                                         7. Dolores Umbridge

Dolores Umbridge one of my favourite character.While having a physical appearance of a girly ,soft woman wearing pink clothes which might remind some of Reese Winterspoon in legally blonde,but Dolores Umbridge is the total opposite inside.While is looks like the legally blonde outwards,personality she is the subtle female version of Hannibal lector.As dolores umbridge says "I must not tell lies",she is definitely worthy to be in the list.

                                                          6.Belatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange ,the crazy and only known female death eater is also another character that fans love.Her blood lust and weird affection towards Lord Voldermort describes her personality.She is a sociopath and might be a psychopathic woman too.Her wild and cold nature  will be always remembered as the crazy cruel woman in Harry Potter series forever.

                                                         5.Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore the most powerful wizard of all time made in my list for being one of J.K. Rowling's doubtful characters.Although we knew Dumbledore is a good man and fights the evil from the beginning of the series,we do doubt him after his death.We doubt his intentions and his past made us to wonder whether is Dumbledore a good man.However, he remained to be good as everyone predicted and was one of the bravest man Harry knew and to us too.

                                                             4. Harry Potter
The boy who lived himself made into my list for being so different than the other protagonists we knew.Harry Potter the protagonist of the series is so different compared other heroes that made their presence in the literature world.Unlike other protagonist who is good like an angel,Harry Potter  had some negative qualities .He tends to get angry quite fast and can be sometimes seen as arrogant.However,fans love Harry the orphan who longs for love and willingness to die for others.Harry Potter vulnerable personality enable us to connect with him. We were happy for him when he found love at Hogwarts through his best friends and cry with him when he is ready to sacrifice himself at the end for the sake of his friends and supporters.Harry Potter will be remembered always in our hearts.

                                                         3.Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger,one of Harry's best friend made into my list for her wits and bravery.Hermione was one of the toughest and independent female character to grace on the pages in this decade.Her bookish personality and 'know it all' attitude made her to be closer to all the readers and others male and female who had been called 'know it all'.We no longer feel shame to be called 'know it all' due to Hermione.Hermione proved to be so useful to Harry and Ron during their search of hocruxes.In fact,Harry and Ron could be dead under many circumstances during the hunt if Hermione was not there.Plus,her subtle romance toward Ron always make us to  have a smile on our face when we read it.For being one of the most bravest female character written,Hermione Granger definitely deserve to be in the list.

                                                           2.Ronald Weasley

Ronald Weasley ,Harry's best friend made into my list for his courage and being the most matured character as the series progresses. Ron's sense of humour brings his friends and the readers relaxation and laughter even at a serious times.Rons insecurity and low self esteem made him so relatable to all the readers.As the series progresses Ron grew more mature and  overcome his doubts about himself and became a brave man.His bickering and romance with Hermione also make him to be loved by the readers.In conclusion  as the song says "Weasley is indeed our king".

                                                                1.Severus Snape

Severus Snape is indeed my most favourite character.How can someone hate Severus Snape?Severus Snape made into the list because he is the most mysterious character in the series.We only knew his true intentions at the end of the series.His flashbacks,his love towards Lily potter in the prince tales is so touching and will be always remembered.His courage should be applauded .Severus Snape awkwardness in his arrogance in the beginnings and then to be revealed at the end that he loved Lilyy and spend rest of  his life protecting  the son of the women he loved and even lose his life for this make us to love this character.Severus Snape is definitely the best character written in the series and is one of the best character to grace its presence in the literature world.Severus Snape,the half blood prince will  always tattooed to our hearts.
So what do u think of the  tribute my dear readers?do u agree or disagree with me?


Anonymous said...

Snape sucks, Voldemort sucks, Pettigrew sucks, Malfoy sucks, Bellatrix sucks. Lupin should be first, Sirius second, and Neville third.

F.FRANKLIN said...

There's no need to use harsh words..its just based on my ranking..you have the right to agree or disagree but no need for harsh words next time you're here..
thanks for visiting

Anonymous said...

I will kill you. Snape is a good character. Also Bellatrix and Malfoy suck? What the hell...?
I do agree that Neville, Sirius and Lupin should be ranked higher, and that Voldemort and Pettigrew are... well...
I'm just really wondering where the hell did Hagrid and Mcgonagall go.
They were awesome.
And Molly too... Also what about Fred and George?

Humaun Kabir said...

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