Thursday, 27 September 2012

Gambit,Paranormal Activity 4-trailer

Here is the trailer of the movie Gambit,directed by Michael Hoffman  with Colin Firth ,Cameron Diaz and Alan Rickman as the leads .The remake of the of another film of the same name which was released on 1966,Gambit is about a con Harry Dean(Colin Firth) along with his gambit Nicole(Diaz) tries to steal a valuable painting  from a millionaire(Alan Rickman).The trailer looks funny and its nice to see Colin Firth back to doing some comedy films and a naked Severus Snape makes me to giggle and traumatised at the same time.Check out the trailer.

Finally the trailer of the final film of the Paranormal Activities series  had arrived.The trailer doesn't offer anything new compared to the previous film but I think we need to wait for the film to see how it fares.

The Song Of Achilles-review

I just finished the debut novel of Madeline Miller The Song of Achilles which won the  Orange Prize of Fiction this year and I'm really impressed. A take on the classic Iliads,The Song of Achilles explores the relationship of Achilles with his comrade/companion Patroclus from younger days till the Trojan War in Troy.

Narrated in first person view by Patroclus,the book starts with Patroclus,aged 10 leaving his country , exiled to Pythia as a punishment for accidentally killing a boy.Patroclus was less loved by his parents for being simple, a boy with no special talent and he arrives to Pythia with his title as a prince stripped and to continue  the rest of his life a foster son/ward to  King Peleus.Here he meets the half God half mortal Achilles the son of Peleus and the Goddes Thetis and was smitten with his charisma,beauty and energy.What starts with jealousy develops into a honest friendship after  Patroclus learns more about Achilles and his mischievous side and starts to spend more time together sharing secrets which one of it was a prophecy regarding Achilles that he would be greater than Heracles and Perseus and will be remembered by the world for his achievements in war.As years progresses,the friendship blooms into attraction and deep love.Thetis who is well known for her hatred towards the mortals,despises their relationship as she wants her son to become immortal and believes Patroclus taints his reputation.The rest of the novel deals on  the relationship between the Achilles and Patroclus and their journey to fulfil Achilles prophecy.

Madeline Miller took 10 years to research and to write the novel and her effort was pretty clear as the novel is faithful  to the Iliad and has some direct quotations from it.The writing is not  that complicated ,perfect for a easy read.However the usage of some modern swear words felt inappropriate.

The characters are well written especially the three main characters Achilles,Patroclus and the cold Thetis.Patroclus is not your typical protagonist and the voice that Miller had created is relatable and you do care about him and worry for him.The description of Thetis personality is so clear that you feel the coldness seeping out the pages.I do appreciate Miller's effort on portraying minor characters like Odysseus accurately .

The stages of relationship between Achilles and Patroclus are beautifully constructed and depicted.The mutual love,respect and loyalty is well showcased in the novel and it makes you to care for the characters despite knowing their fates.Through this relationship,Miller shows a side of Achilles that had that Homer touched a bit.The human side of this hero.While Achilles is well known for his victories,this novel shows a vulnerable side filled with human emotions loving,kindness,arrogance,jealousy and the most famous one his anger.
The novel also raises some messages that is relevant even to this day.One of it was how much one would do for their reputation or image.Only when he looses something that is so dear and important to him did Achilles realise reputation or image is nothing when there is no one to love.The last three chapters were very moving and I really loved the bittersweet ending.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Finally the trailer for  Park Chan-wook's Stoker starring Mia Wasikowska,Nicole Kidman ,Matthew Goode and Jacki Weaver. After the death of her father,India Stoker(Wasikowska) and her cold mother(Kidman) takes in her uncle Charlie(Matthew Goode) who arrived for the funeral and decides to stay a bit longer.India  feels there is something wrong about Uncle Charlie and  tries to figure it out.Her obsession towards her uncle suddenly blossoms into attraction.

As for the trailer,this is probably one of the best trailers filled with beautiful visuals without the use of any CGI.Every shots looks amazing  and Mia Wasikowska pale complexion works beautifully in the  dull backgrounds.Its looks like Nicole has a meaty supporting role and Matthew Goode is weirdly  charming and luring attention whenever he appears onscreen.His magnetic presence is definitely a plus for the film.If the movie is good as the trailer is ,I think he would receiving a lot of attention for his role as Uncle Chalie.Cant wait for the film!Check it out!

Friday, 14 September 2012


The trailer of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln,the biopic of Abraham Lincoln and how he abolishes slavery in USA had arrived.The cast of the movie is quite impressive with two time Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis as the titular  character ,Sally Field as  Mary Todd his loyal wife and Joseph Gordon Levitt,Tommy Lee Jones and etc.The trailer is superb and its so creepy how similar Daniel  looks like the iconic American President.Check it out.

A production of Guillermo del Toro and under the  direction of Andres Muschietti ,Mama based on a short film with Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster Waldau as its lead characters.When a couple(Chastain and Nikolaj) decides to take in their nieces after they was found wandering(living) in the woods.However as the children arrived home  their aunt realises they are not alone.The short film is quite weird and scary and I do feel the film is promising due the names attached to it.Check it out.The child actors definitely stood out in the trailer .Chastain in a black hair looks nearly unrecognisable and its always a joy to see  the Kingslayer onscreen.I also included the clip of the short film Mama(2008).

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Finally the the trailer of the Sundance hit Smashed staring Mary Elizabeth Winstead ,Paul Walker and Octavia Spencer had been released.The movie is about a how a fragile relationship that was built upon their addiction towards alcohol starts to fall apart when one of them wants to sober up.The performance of Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the alcoholic teacher has been  praised by the critics and some even suggesting a possible Oscar nod.Check it out.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters,The Company You Keep,Cheerful Weather for a Wedding,Twice Born-Trailer

The trailer of  Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters has arrived online.Directed by Tommy Wirkola,the film has Gemma Arteton and Jeremy Renner as the siblings who after confronting a witch as children,decides to hunt down the rest of the witches around the world.I have mixed feelings about this trailer.While both the lead looks good  but the concept and visuals looks weird.

 Plot: The story centers on widower and single father, Jim Grant, a former Weather Underground  militant, wanted for a bank robbery and murder, who hid from the FBI for over thirty years, posing as an Albany attorney. He becomes a fugitive when his true identity is exposed by Ben Shepard, an aggressive young reporter. Grant must find his ex-lover, Mimi, the one person who can clear his name, before the FBI catches him. Otherwise, he will lose everything, including his 11-year-old daughter Isabel.

The  film directed by Robert Redford has a strong cast consisting Robert Redford  Shia LaBeouf,Susan Sarandon,Anna Kendrick and  Another Earth's Brit Marling.The trailer is impressive and Susan Sarandon looks awesome like usual.

Cheerful Weather for a Wedding  based on the novel of the same name has Felicity Jones(Like Crazy) and Luke Treadaway as its lead.The film is about a bride(Felicity Jones) having second thoughts on her wedding day and needs to make a life altering decision.The trailer looks interesting and Felicity Jones looks radiant  in the  classic  and bridal costumes and the trailer has some sightings of Ellie Kendrick who would be playing Meera Reed in the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones  as Kitty Thatcham.

Finally the trailer of the film Twice Born directed  Sergio Castellitto with Emile Hirsch and Penelope Cruz as its lead.Based on the novel,the film is about a mother(Cruz) bringing her teenage son to  Sarajevo where his father died  in the Bosnian conflict.While the pairing of Penelope Cruz and Emile Hirsch is odd,the trailer does look promising.Check it out.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I went to watch this film after hearing both positive and negative reviews and the backlash in its Sundance screening.Whoa!Its definitely something different.

Directed by Craig Zobel,Compliance consist of mostly unknown actors with Ann Dowd,Dreama Walker and Pat Healy as its main characters.The film is inspired by the true events that happened few years ago and by that I meant all  the creepy things that happened in the film really happened.For real.

Set in fast food restaurant in a small town,the manager of the restaurant,Sandra(Ann Dowd) starts her busy day with the news of  someone leaving the fridge opened and most of the food were spoilt.Sandra doubts Becky(Dreama Walker),the young inexperience but decides not to make a fuss as its the inspection day.As the day goes on,Sandra receives a call from a police officer(Pat Healy) ,who claims one of the worker(with the description of Becky) had stolen the money from a customer and orders Becky to be confined.While Becky pleads for her innocence,the officer asks Sandra to help him with the investigation until another officer arrives.And that's where the film starts to take a creepy turn and  Craig Zobel  brilliantly showcases how much would the characters comply to the authority's(in this case the police)  demand and do things that is clearly not right.

The script and the dialogues are simple and straightforward and it really works in the film as the film carries a heavy subject.Its pretty clear that Craig Zobel had researched before writing the script.I was amazed how the 'grooming' process was accurately depicted in the film.The caller extracts valuable information from whomever is answering the phone,constantly reminding that he is in charge,using compliments when they are nervous  and threats when they refuse to comply and finally achieving what he wants,in this case the continuous humiliation of Becky.

The musical score definitely sets the tone throughout the film.For example the scene where Sandra brings Becky's clothes to the car accompanied haunting score brilliantly depicts the wrong things going on in the film and the stuff that is going to happen.

The performance from its cast is what elevates  the film from a good movie to a great one.Ann Dowd  performance as the deceived manager is a revelation.Her performance was  so good and natural that not even for a second that I thought she was acting.I wonder how much of her lines were  self improvised as it was so spontaneous.From the start where we see her getting jealous of her young co workers to a manipulated women doing things what she clearly felt wrong and finally as women in denial that she was part guilty for this mess,Ann manages to portray this layered role with ease.

Dreama Walker as the innocent Becky  was equally good as Dowd.With her big teary eyes and expression,  she manages to  showcase the vulnerability of the naive Becky.Its a daring bold role and kudos to her for accepting the role  and  excelling in it.Pat Healy as the creepy prankster had some really good moments in the film.

Since its a independent feature with a unknown cast and disturbing topic, I'm not sure how well it will be received by the AMPAS but this  is a film that surely deserves the recognition.Anyhow,Compliance is definitely a disturbing film(more disturbing than The Sleeping Beauty ) but worth watching for its message and  the performances of its cast.

Possible Oscar contenders:
Best Original Screenplay: Craig Zobel
Best Actress: Ann Dowd
Best Supporting Actor: Pat Healy
Best Suporting Actress : Dreama Walker


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bachelorette (2012)-review

The dark comedy directed and written by Leslye Headland with Kirsten Dunst,Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher as the three leading ladies as be touted to be raunchier version of the Bridesmaids.So how did it fare?

To be frank besides its wedding theme and Rebel Wilson it has no similarities to the Bridesmaids.  Bachelorette is much more darker,funnier and dirtier than the  Bridesmaids.In fact it reminded more of The Hangover meets The American Reunion.

When their friend Becky(Rebel Wilson),the big sized and always ridiculed by everyone during high school is about to get married to a perfect man ,the remaining single 'beautiful' friends  Regan(Kirsten Dunst),the clever 'perfect' blonde,Gena(Lizzy Caplan) foul mouthed  brunette and Katie(Isla Fisher) the dumb redhead tries their best to be supportive  for their friend despite of their  jealousy,shock and self pity.

Their jealousy basically peaks on the night  before the wedding where Katie and Gena ruins the the bachelorette party by offending the bride and ended up drinking and getting high  accidentally tearing the wedding dress.The film basically takes place  on what happened between 5 to 6 hours before the wedding ,where they try to fix the dress before the wedding along the way while confronting their own deep issues.

The script is fast paced and quite clever.While this kind of genre of films are  quite saturated  right now ,Bachelorete does not have any cliched scenes thanks to the script.With all the crazy thing happened that night ,the plot and the characters are actually realistic and there are many one-liners in the movie that are  quite funny .This are the sort of people you meet in weddings and stuff that happen behind the scene of a wedding.Having said that I'm not a fan of the profanity and drugs in the film.Its overused in the film .For instance 90% of Lizzy Caplan lines are made up of vulgar words.

I really liked that the film doesn't try  making the characters to change drastically at the end of the film like most movies does.The characters did had some issues solved by the end of the movie but they remained the same till the end.They are still envious of their friend.They are still having that self pity moments but ending up putting a  happy face for their friend's big day and this makes the film quite fresh and realistic.

As for the performance from the cast,Kirsten Dunst as the uptight maid of honor shines in the bitchy mean queen bee role.Its a very different role than what we have seen her before and she plays the unlikable friend with ease .The last 20 minutes of the film where her character basically  yells at everyone  to make sure everything goes well is where you realise she is the experienced one of the cast.I reckon she would most probably  get a Golden Globe nod for the comedy/musical category for her work in this film..Lizzy Caplan does an okay job and her chemistry with Adam Scott who plays her ex is convincing.Isla Fisher as the silly,ditsy friend is the funniest thing in the movie.I wouldn't say her acting is at a top notch but  she definitely scores when it comes to  being funny.She has the best lines in the film and tickles the bone whenever she appears onscreen.The toast ,the bleeding scene,magic vagina ,the swimming pool scene and the strip club scenes are some of the example of Isla funny moments.As for James Marsden,I felt his portions were unnecessary to the plot.

The Bachelorette definitely meets its purpose of being a funny and entertaining film.