Friday, 14 September 2012


The trailer of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln,the biopic of Abraham Lincoln and how he abolishes slavery in USA had arrived.The cast of the movie is quite impressive with two time Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis as the titular  character ,Sally Field as  Mary Todd his loyal wife and Joseph Gordon Levitt,Tommy Lee Jones and etc.The trailer is superb and its so creepy how similar Daniel  looks like the iconic American President.Check it out.

A production of Guillermo del Toro and under the  direction of Andres Muschietti ,Mama based on a short film with Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster Waldau as its lead characters.When a couple(Chastain and Nikolaj) decides to take in their nieces after they was found wandering(living) in the woods.However as the children arrived home  their aunt realises they are not alone.The short film is quite weird and scary and I do feel the film is promising due the names attached to it.Check it out.The child actors definitely stood out in the trailer .Chastain in a black hair looks nearly unrecognisable and its always a joy to see  the Kingslayer onscreen.I also included the clip of the short film Mama(2008).

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