Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Finally the trailer for  Park Chan-wook's Stoker starring Mia Wasikowska,Nicole Kidman ,Matthew Goode and Jacki Weaver. After the death of her father,India Stoker(Wasikowska) and her cold mother(Kidman) takes in her uncle Charlie(Matthew Goode) who arrived for the funeral and decides to stay a bit longer.India  feels there is something wrong about Uncle Charlie and  tries to figure it out.Her obsession towards her uncle suddenly blossoms into attraction.

As for the trailer,this is probably one of the best trailers filled with beautiful visuals without the use of any CGI.Every shots looks amazing  and Mia Wasikowska pale complexion works beautifully in the  dull backgrounds.Its looks like Nicole has a meaty supporting role and Matthew Goode is weirdly  charming and luring attention whenever he appears onscreen.His magnetic presence is definitely a plus for the film.If the movie is good as the trailer is ,I think he would receiving a lot of attention for his role as Uncle Chalie.Cant wait for the film!Check it out!

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