Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Melancholia Review

Directed by the controversial director Lars Von Trier,Melancholia has Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg playing the lead while Stellan Skarsgard,Alexander Skarsgard and Kiefer Sutherland plays the supporting roles in the  apocalyptic film.
The film opens with a shot of closeup of Dunst  soulless face with some extraordinary slow motioned shots of people sinking into the sand ,birds falling from the sky and horses sinking to the ground.then we are brought to the event of Justine(Kirsten Dunst) wedding.Like all bride Justine is shy and happy on her wedding day but she cant help to notice the sky looking different on that day.
Then we see the reception of the wedding where you get some insights of Justine life as her parents starts to fight openly when they were giving  their toasts.Justine seems to be affected by her parents and as the wedding goes on ,she gets more depressed and leave the wedding on two occasions.Her husband,Michael(Alexander Skarskard) tolerates with her throughout the wedding until to the point where he realised she is not that interested in the wedding or him as he is with her and calls off the wedding.
Part 2 focuses more on the relationship of the sisters and the fact that a planet named Melancholia is gonna hit the earth.It is here where you see Clare(Charlotte Gainsbourg)getting worried that this could be the end of the world while looking after her depressed sister.

Pluses:Kirsten Dunst gives the best performance in her career.She embodies Justine in all scenes.You can see the differences of the smile she had in the limo in the beginning of the movie and the fake smile she had throughout the wedding.She doesn't speaks a lot,as do the others character but she manages to express the weakness  and melancholic in her eyes and facial expression.Although the reason for a depression never explicitly stated,we can assume that it is due to the divorce of her parents and her career.While sitting in the room of crowded people,she being alienated mentally realise  that earth is gonna see it last days while the other feels Melancholia is not gonna hit earth.I loved the scenes where Kirsten confronts her boss and resigns her job, scenes where she realise her father had left the wedding and the scene where her husbands leaves her.I also enjoyed the scenes where Kirsten does nothing but just stares at the sky or  giving a blank look to the camera.During the second part Dunst shines when she plays the calm one of the  bunch and becomes the stronger one when  it is stressful.Charlotte Gainsbourg as Claire is so convincing although both Dunst and Charlotte don't look like sisters.She remained calm  during the wedding and becomes more worried during the second half.I loved the scene  where she looked at Justine and say 'dont create a scene' and the all the scenes where she looks after her depressed sister whether help her sister to take a bath or help her to ready her horse.Both Alexander Skarsgard  and Kiefer Sutherland gives a descent performance.The cinematography of the movie is immaculate.The first four minutes looks like a moving painting and the horse riding scene is beautiful.Even the scene where Justine decides to get unclothed and sleeps beside the pond and stare the sky looks like a painting.

Minuses: Although the performance of Kirsten Dunst is superb in the film ,I have some problem with the character Justine  itself.The reason of her depression is never stated and I find it to be weird that she turn down twice her husband when he tries to kiss  her  and then have sexual  encounter with Tim  in the golf field ,the guy who have been following her around the night.The first half of the movie is dragging and it focuses mostly on the wedding.It would have been better if the would  explore some of Justine's past   the first half.

Possible Oscar nominations:
Best Actress -Kirsten Dunst
Best Cinematography- Manuel Alberto Claire


Film Independent Spirit Awards 2012 nominations

Here are the nominees for the Film Independent Spirit Awards 2012.I'm thrilled to see Adepero Oduye got nominated for best actress and Jessica Chastain for taking for the lead actor ,I was bit furious for Michael fassbender not getting nominated and then  I realised that he was in international film so  he and some other  great nominees are ineligible.

*my predictions to win

Best Feature:
Take Shelter
The Artist
The Descendants

Best Director category:
Mike Mills (Beginners)
Nicholas W Refn ( Drive)
Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter)
Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist)
Alexander Payne (The Descendants)

Robert Altman Award for one film’s director, casting director and ensemble: Margin Call

Best Int’l Film:
A Separation
The Kid With a Bike

Best Male Lead:
Demian Bichir (A Better Life)
Jean Dujardin (The Artist)
Ryan Gosling (Drive)
Woody Harrelson (Rampart)
Michael Shannon (Take Shelter)

Best Female Lead:
Lauren Ambrose (Think of Me)
Rachel Harris (Natural Selection)
Adepero Oduye (Pariah)
Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene)
Michelle Williams (My Week with Marilyn)

Best Supp Male:
Albert Brooks (Drive)
John Hawkes (Martha Marcy May Marlene)
Christopher Plummer (Beginners)
John C. Reilly (Cedar Rapids)
Corey SToll (Midnight in Paris)

Best Supp. Female:
Jessica Chastain (Take Shelter)
Angelica Huston (50/50)
Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs)
Harmony Santana (Gun Hll Road)
Shaileen Woodley (The Descendants)

Best Doc:
An African Selection
Bill Cunningham New York
The Interrupters
The Redemption of General Butt Naked,
We Were Here

Best Screenplay:
Joseph Cedar (FootNote)
Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist)
Tom McCarthy (Win Win)
Mike Mills (Beginners)
Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon & Jim Rash (The Descendants)

Best 1st Screenplay
Mike Cahill & Brit Marling (Another Earth)
J.C. Chandor (Margin Call)
Patrick DeWitt (terri)
Phil Johnston (Cedar Rapids)
Will Reiser (50/50)

Best Cinematography:
Joel Hodge (Bellflower)
Benjamin Kuh-Sulk (The Off Hours)
Darius Kond-Jee (Midnight in Paris)
Gui-omme Shiffman (The Artist)
Jeffrey Waldron (The Dynamiter)

John Cassavetes Award (films made for under $500,000):
Hello Lonesome
The Dynamiter

Best First Feature noms:
Another Earth
In The Family
Margin Call
Martha Marcy May Marlene
Natural Selection

Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday's Best Actor

Taraji P.Henson
Taraji P.Henson portrayed Queenie in the film adaptation of the short story(only some parts of the short story are retained in the movie), The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button by F.Scott Fitzgerald.Taraji P.Henson portrayal of Queenie,the black woman who begins to raise Benjamin ,the baby she found outside the nursing home received critical acclaim from both the critics and audience.Her character Queenie is a warm character and probably a living meaning to say physical appearance had nothing to do with true love. Even though being a white in race and having a weird look,Queenie sees Benjamin as a normal kid and shower him with love as her own.Although  having small screen time,Taraji manages to shine in all the scenes she were in.The church scene and the scene where she bathes Benjamin are some of my favourite.You see the love she had for Benjamin and Taraji was nothing but superb in those scenes.A well deserved Academy nomination for Taraji.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pure Talent - Chloe Grace Moretz

In the beginning I wanted to write a post dedicating Evan Rachel Wood but since  this section is about rising stars and Evan Rachel Wood is quite an established actress and coincidental it is the week of the release of the Martin Scorcesse film Hugo,I would like to write about the rising and talented Chloe Grace Moretz.

Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloe Grace Moretz(14 years old) is definitely is one of the young  talented actress in Hollywood.Being just 14 she definitely has a impressive acting resume in the span of few films.I first noticed Chloe Moretz in the Big Momma film as the young cheer leading girl.She was vibrant and memorable in the small role as one of the kids.
After a series of films ,she played a small role, Rachel Hansen in the romantic film (500) Days Of Summer.Although playing a young role,her character and her performance was more mature.Playing Tom Gordon Levitt very young sister,she is the one who gives him some important advice throughout the movie.
Then she appeared in the film that really showcase her acting skills and  the fact that she can carry a film by herself.I'm talking about the film Kick Ass as 'Hit Girl'.Although both Aaron Johnson and Nicholas Cage were in the movie along her,it was Hit Girl that was the talk of the town.Her performance as Hit Girl received critical acclaim from the critics and audience.The range of performance she gave int the movie is amazing.The expression and the body language which include the action  scenes throughout the film and the emotional scenes at the end of the film when her father dies and when she tries to be more open with Aaron Johnson.She shines in all the scenes and the dialogues she spoke in the film did create some stir.
The American adaptation of the Swedish novel  Let The Right One In sees Chloe Moretz playing the vampire Abby who befriends a young boy who has some of his own personal problem.Again she managed to carry the film by herself.Her performance as Abby is superb.I love all the scenes involving her assumed father especially the scenes where she hugs him,that scene requires depth and maturity.The scenes with Kodi are totally different where she is more girly and awkward .Superb!
Chloe Moretz will be appearing in the indie film Hick alongside Blake Lively and the Martin Scorsese film Hugo.She  will be adding Tim Burton's Dark Shadow's adaptation to her amazing resume playing Carolyn Stoddard.So all the best to Chloe Moretz the small sized girl with a huge talent.

So what do you think about Chole Moretz?I would be writing my review on Hugo and  A Dangerous Method .Next week  Memonisma would be highlighting Eddie Redmayne.
Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Super 8-review

Super 8 is written and directed by J.J.Abraham, produced by Steven Spielberg staring Joel Courtney,Elle Fanning ,Kyle Chandler and more.

Pluses: The plot itself is refreshing as most films about aliens tend to focus on the the aliens itself but in this film the film focuses on the residents of the town  after the alien managed to escaped.The train accident scene is superb as well is the battle scene after the second half of the film when the boys decides to go and find Alice(Elle Fanning). It is here where the sound editing and sound mixing shines.The performance of the young stars are amazing especially Joel Courtney,Elle Fanning and Riley Griffiths.The boys in the film manages to give a good performance especially in the scenes when they starts to argue with themselves.Those scenes are hilarious and all of them have individuall styles.Elle Fanning looks beautiful and also performs well.Her chemistry with Joel Courtney works and she shines in all the scenes with the father character played by Ron Eldard.

Minuses:Yes,its a film about a bunch of boys who happens to be in the place where the accident which releases the alien to occur and how it impacts the resident but it would be better if we get to see the alien a bit more.The film tend to have the feel of the  film Goonies(my favourite) at some places.For instance the character Cary reminds of Data from the Goonies

Possible Oscar nominations:
Best Sound Editing
Best Sound Mixing
Best Visual Effects(maybe)

My score: B+

Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark- review

Finally I managed to catch up some of the releases that I missed in the beginning of the year.Here is the review of the movie Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark directed by Troy Nixey written by Guilermo Del Toro and staring Katie Holmes ,Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison.
Pluses: Bailee Madison.Her performance throughout the film is amazing.Starting from a girl who is visibly sad that her father has movie on by having a girlfriend to a girl who is afraid of the fairy folks Bailee gives a consistent  performance.The scene where she cries in the bathroom in the beginning of the film and the library scene are my favourites. The final scene where Katie Holmes ties her legs to Bailee Madison and decides sacrifice herself is another good scene.Her chemistry with both Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes are convincing.
The film itself  had a darker tone and everything looks beautiful.The lighting in the film and the environment surrounding the house whether the big tree or the maze in the gardens does create a chilling atmosphere.

Minuses:With the title suggesting don't be afraid of the dark,there is nothing to be scared in the film.there is not even one scene which is scary except for the first killing scene.The movie does evokes curiosity but no fear.The fairy folks looks almost like rats or gremlins and the second half of the film gets slower and bit dragging.

Oscar possibilities: None

My score: C+

Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday's Best Actor

Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis as the Smeagol(Gollum) in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy the adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien masterpiece trilogy of the same name and he would be be reprising his role in the upcoming  Hobbit film.His portrayal as Smeagol was one of the highlight of the film especially the voice.His body language as smeagol was perfect.My favourite scenes of Gollum would be when the transformation of Gollum is explained ,the day he and his friend found the ring.The fish eating scene remains clear in my mind and the scenes where he tries to steal the ring from Frodo during the third film where he speaks in both personality.Andy Serkis definitely raised the bar for the future  CGI voice actors.

Shame -2 trailer

Here is the  second US trailer for the Steve McQueen's Shame.It has the New york,New york rendition by  Carey Mulligan  and with some new scenes involving the charismatic and talented Michael Fassbender

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pure Talent- Gael Garcia Bernal

Today Memonisma would like to highlight the Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal(32 years old) and some of his  memorable films.

Gael Garcia Bernal rose to prominence with the controversial film Y Tu Mama Tambien by Alfonso Cuaron.Gael Garcia Bernal appears as Julio the teenager from a middle class family.The film itself received rave reviews  from the audience and the critics for its bold depiction of sex and relationship.Both Diego Luna and Gael did a descent job in the film.

Its in his next film  El Crimen del Padre Amaro which showcase Gael's acting skills.he played  a young priest who becomes infatuated with the young Amelia who teaches in the church.He manages to exudes the lust  and guilt in his gaze. My favourite scene would be the  aftermath scene where he starts to have dreams about Amelia and when he decide to succumb for his desire, that's where he shines projecting love and guilt.The abortion scene and the ending leaves a strong impact.

then Gael Garcia Bernal stared in another controversial film Bad Education( La Mala Educacion) by Pedro Almodovar.he played a transsexual drag queen in the film .The film had some explicit scenes but Gael Garcia Bernal did an amazing job especially in the scenes where in the scene he is in drag and the scene  he performs on stage in drag and the scene when he realise the guy he is about to rob is his former flame.

He added some other strong films like Babel and The Motorcycle Diaries to his resume.He played Ernesto Fuser Guevara.This is his second time playing the role.His performance as Guevara is superb especially in his body language and expression when he battles asthma and the  his accent in the film is perfect.His performance in the film  definitely deserves a Oscar nod.

The film Rudo Y Cursi is probably my favourite Gael Garcia Bernal film.He collaborates again with Diego Luna ,playing Tato  who comes from a small town and ended becoming a successful.I loved the fight scene between the brothers who once were close after the second half of the film.

He is about to play opposite Daniel Day Lewis in the high profile Martin Scorsese film silencer.Gael Garcia Bernal  already had a brilliant resume and now he is accepting more offers from Hollywood productions.Having guts to chose bold roles throughout his career ,he us sure to have a long lasting career.
Next week Memonisma would be highlighting Evan Rachael Wood.


The film is about Hyperion whose family had died due to diseases decided to have a war against the god for not saving his family.So he seek for the Epirus Bow to release the titans as the law of the gods states that the gods cannot interfere with human wars  except only when the titans are released.In order to get the bow Hyperion caught the oracle Phaedra to tell him where the bow is.While on the other side,Theseus who had be trained by a old man(Zeus in disguised)  is a simple man who lives with his mother.He seem to avoid problems but when his mother is caught and killed in front his eyes,he decides to to avenge for his mother.When Phaedra tells him about his destiny he decides to accept his destiny and to save the humanity .

Tarsem Singh succeeded in making the film looking beautiful  but could have paid more attention on the script and its screenplay.
The plot itself had nothing new to it.It has a straightforward plot which in this case Theseus wants to kill Hyperion to save the humanity and to avenge for his mother.Yelling by the characters could have been reduced and the sex scene was unnecessary.I felt the sex scene was included just for the purpose of having a possible sequel to the film.There were some beautiful scene in in the film such as the scene before the riot when the oracles starts to pray and the scene where Phaedra feeds water to the exhausted Theseus by the dripping water from her mouth.

Henry Cavill  did a descent job portraying Theseus.he is charismatic and his physique convinces he is Theseus.every scene of him reminds us the hard work he has done to prepare for the role and the stunts Cavill performed didn't look amateurish.he is energetic in all scenes,the facial expression and body language works. the last fight scene between Mickey Rourke and Henry was superb.The funeral scene was moving as he carries his dead mother along the hallway.Henry's facial expression when he covered with oil and looking at the Phaedra is priceless.As a lead he did a commendable job and proves he can carry a film(looking forward for Man Of Steel)

Freida Pinto had a small role but she does justice to the role.She is probably the only one who didn't scream or yell in the film but you don't forget her although she  did disappear during battle scenes.She looks beautiful in all scenes and had a calm expression throughout the film.The scene where Phaedra found the oracles are in the silver cow getting burned alive is another good scene.

Luke Evans as Zeus,Isabel Lucas as Athena  and Kellan Lutz as Poseidon looked great but were underused.We only see most of the gods when they are battling with masks covering their face.The introduction scene of the gods where the gods comes out from their disguises is beautifully done.
Stephen Dorf did a okay job as the sidekick of Theseus but it was John Hurt in a very small role that shines.He plays the old man(Zeus in disguised) who trains Theseus.I found Mickey Rourke as the antagonist convincing although as the gods he is also always wearing  a mask and always yelling or spitting.

Everyone and everything looks immaculate .The village where Theseus lives looks  simple but  breathtaking.The village looks like it is a part of the mountain.The set designs of the film  is at the top notch.The almost circular design of the building where the slaves stop to drink the water  and the heaven where the gods sit and views the world looks fresh and different.
The costumes of the gods especially  during the battle looks amazing.the golden metal shields and the  different headpiece to distinguish the gods looks modern and very creative.the costume of Phaedra is probably the best costumes of the film.Only Phaedra's costume had some colour while other are seen wearing in a golden or brown tones.The red costume  worn by Phaedra when she accidentally touched Theseus(look below)  and the costume she wore during the end of the film,the mustard coloured one looks awesome.I smell Oscar nod for Eiko Ishioska for his amazing job in the film.

The visual effects handling the bloods,head cutting,head smashing and more reminds of 300 but looks stunning.The scene where Ares interferes and killed all the guard is where the visual effects shines.the scene where Zeus punishes Ares is also astounding.The scenes involving the Minotaur is another good example.All the fight scenes are choreographed well especially the battle involving the gods at the end of the film and the first fight scene involving Theseus at the beginning of the film when his mother is captured. However some of the fight scenes are sometimes repetitive.

Overall the film is a good popcorn movie.I enjoyed the film and felt it was way better than some of the films of the same genre like Alexander The Great and the remake of clash of the titans. If you're going to watch the film for some serious storyline or historical lesson, this is not the right film but this is a film for one should definitely go and watch the film mainly for its visuals as immortals is a visual feast.

Possible Oscar contender for
Best Costume Design
Best Visual Effects
Best Art Direction

My score: B

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Top 25 Movies Of All Time

Here are my 25  favourite movies in no particular order.These are the films that I watch as a teenager and remained with me.Check it out.

1.Forrest Gump
'Life is like a box of chocolates,you don't know what you're gonna get' one of the famous quotes of all time.Tom Hanks and Robin Wright were amazing in their roles.It is very rare to see a war film with drama and humor inserted to it.Almost all the scenes in Forrest Gump are my favourite .If I had to pick one ,it would be the scene of the young Forest Gump running and getting rid of his leg bracers.

2.The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight is probably the best superhero  film that ever been made.Many superhero film may come in the future but I don't think it could be at par with The Dark Knight.All the actors from Christian Bale  who played the Batman to the smallest role of  Rachel Dawes played by Maggie Gyllenhaal,everyone performed well.However, it is the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker that will stay in our minds.He was disturbingly superb playing the joker.

3.Into The Wild
Into The Wild is my favourite indie film of all time.Its a beautiful film with amazing performance from the cast that includes Emile Hirsch,Kristen Stewart,Vince Vaugn and many more.It is a shame that AMPAS did not give the deserved recognition for the film and its actors,especially Emile Hirsch.Emile Hirsch performance as 'Alexander Supertramp' definitely deserved an Oscar nomination and I felt he was snubbed for a Oscar nod.The last death scene is my favourite scene of the movie.You could see the hard work he had done to loose the weight and the death scene is moving with the closeups to the face.

4.Toy Story series
The Toy Story films is another favourite of mine.It might be a film about toys but it is mainly about acceptance which all of us can relate to.Tom Hanks as Woody is perfect!

Atonement directed by Joe Wright and staring James McAvoy,Keira Knightley and Saoirse Ronan.A beautiful British film with amazing performance from the cast especially the blue eyed Saoirse Ronan.

6.El Laberinto del fauno
Pan's Labyrinth is a film that could be categorised as fantasy and horror or more precisely fall in the my favourite  genre weird fiction.It is the fairy tales for the adults.Such an beautiful film with amazing visual effects and Guillermo Del Toro one of a kind touch to it.

7.I Am Sam
I Am Sam a heartwarming movie with amazing performance from Sean Penn as the mentally disabled father and Dakota Fanning as his small daughter.As usual Sean Penn is great in the role but if you ask me ,Dakota stole all the scenes she was in.Dakota,small in size but huge talent.She could be the next Meryl Streep if she chooses her future projects well.

A film by Christopher Nolan with casts consisting of Leonardo DiCaprio,Ellen Page,Joseph Gordon Levitt and Marion Cotillard.The film is filled with action scenes with beautiful visual effects.Its plot is at a fast pace and not boring anywhere.Every scene is beautifully crafted and keeps one glued to the seat.

9.Harry Potter series
I don't think anyone in this world with a correct mind hates the Potter films.All the Potter films have achieved both critical and commercial success.One of the reason of the success of the film is the strong performance from the whole cast of the Potter films.From the smallest character to the trio everyone delivers a strong performance. The best potter film would  the  Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2. My favourite scene would be the Snape death scene  and Snape's flashback.The war scene is beautifully done.

10.An Education
Simple storyline is backed with strong performances from the cast especially Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard.the character Jenny is so relatable and Carey Mulligan shines in the role.My favourite scene would be the scene where Jenny confronts her headmistress(Emma Thompson) after she found out the truth of her boyfriend and that she wanted to join schooling again.The scene where Jenny speaks low of her English teacher is another great scene.

11.Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
The Lord Of The Rings is  the best films of the fantasy genres.The film is about the journey of Frodo Baggins travelling through middle earth  to destroy the ring that could cause destruction.It is a masterpiece  filled with magic,hardship,friendship,love and adventure.

12.The Reader
Having read the novel, I was excited to see it brought alive onscreen and with Kate Winslet as Hannah Schmitz make it more exciting.Overall the film had me a effect on me for days after watching it.The courtroom scene where Kate Winslet took all the blame to prevent others to know that she couldn't read was probably one of the best scene of the film.The scene where Hannah starts to learn in the jail and meets the adult  Ralph Fiennes  were some other good scenes.Kate Winslet was amazing as Hannah Scmitz and probably it was best performance ever from Kate Winslet.

 An animated film about two robots falling in love.........sounds so silly but it did surprise everyone.Even without much voice-over  for  WALL-E  and EVE we can still feel the emotions.Its like a futuristic silent film.

14.My Left Foot
One word to sum up why I loved this movie, 'Daniel Day Lewis'(three words actually).He was amazing as Christy Brown.Daniel Day Lewis is a acting legend if you ask me.He was Christy Brown in the film rather than playing the character.My favourite scene would be the dinner scene.

15.(500) Days Of Summer
Another film with a simple plot that manage to leave an impact.Told in a non-linear narrative its about a relationship that expires as day passes.Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel was suitable for the roles and gave a convincing portrayal of the role.

Hunger the debut film of visionary director Steve McQueen is one of my favourite autobiographical films.It was based on the the  last days of  Bobby Sands.Michael Fassbender was amazing as Bobby Sands and the death scene of Bobby Sands had a very deep impact on me.Plus the 17 minute non break scene shows both the director and Michael Fasssbender's potential.

Anastasia is another of my favourite animated film.I was always fascinated by the world history since I was small and the Tsars and the Romanov and the theory of Anastasia being alive had always played in my head.Although this film is just based on the urban legend of Russia ,I still liked the film and the song Once Upon December was one of my favourite songs in the animated films.

18.Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Tim Burton's film can be classified into its own genre.You can easy identify a Tim Burton's film easily by watching a couple of scenes.Sweeney Todd is my favourite Tim Burton film all time.Both Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were perfect for their respective roles.

19.The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada although being  film about fashion world,the plots is  fast and not dragging.It is amazing to see how Meryl Streep transform into a character and Meryl Streep as Miranda does not disappoint.Another actress who were also good in the film was Emily Blunt as Miranda assistant.she manages to steal all the scenes she was in.My favourite scenes would be the  final scene where Andy(Anne Hathaway) decides to quit the job.

I added Jarhead to my list because it is my favourite war film.Instead of showing the brutality of war,the film explains how the marine are affected psychologically.The war scenes are only shown  like 20 minutes before the end of the film.Jake Gyllenhaal was superb as Anthony Swofford.My favourite scene would be the scene where he threatened to kill Fergus due to mental meltdown.The scenes where he starts to get rebellious is also  another good scene. 

Election is another of my favourite comedy film.I'm sure that everyone had met someone like Tracy Flick  in their life.To speak the truth ,during my schooldays I was the a bit of the male version of Tracy Flick.Reese Winterspoon shows some serious acting skills playing the focused Tracy Flick.My favourite scene would be the scene she decided to tear the posters of the rival of the election.

The film Doubt is one of my favourite Meryl Streep film.What makes the film  the interesting is the fact that they didn't reveal whether the priest is really guilty or innocent the entire movie.The performance of the cast is another reason  why I loved the film.As usual Meryl Streep was amazing as Sister Aloysius and manages to work well with the other cast which include the beautiful Amy Adams,Philip Seymour Hoffman and Viola Davis who shines in the few minutes she was given.

23.Bridge To Terrabithia
The Bridge To Terrabithia is probably had the most logical use of magic in a film as it is purely about the imagination of the kids in this film.The kids in the film should be applauded for giving a very mature performance.Whether it is  Josh Hutcherson or Anna Sophia Robb or Bailee Madison,  gave a consistent good performance throughout the film.My favourite scenes would be the scenes where Josh hutcherson start to cry in the woods because Leslie had passed away.

24.Inglorious Bastards
Directed by Quentin Tarantino,this film has a huge cast which includes Brad Pitt,Michael Fassbender and Christoph Waltz.My favourite scene would be the scene where the firefight scene between Michael Fassbender and August Diehl in the bar.Although the firefight is like only for 5 minutes,it does stay with you longer than that.
25.No Country For Old Men
No Country For Old Men  had every element to  be a classic film.Its straightforward plot with some unexpected twists and fast paced screenplay backed with strong performance from the cast especially from Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh makes the film irresistible.The character Chigurgh is probably the best thing  of the movie.We know that this is a character with no sympathy as we watch the film.Overall it was a great film.

So these are my top 25 films.What do  you think of it?Feel free to leave comments about my top 25 and your favourite films too.