Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pure Talent - Chloe Grace Moretz

In the beginning I wanted to write a post dedicating Evan Rachel Wood but since  this section is about rising stars and Evan Rachel Wood is quite an established actress and coincidental it is the week of the release of the Martin Scorcesse film Hugo,I would like to write about the rising and talented Chloe Grace Moretz.

Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloe Grace Moretz(14 years old) is definitely is one of the young  talented actress in Hollywood.Being just 14 she definitely has a impressive acting resume in the span of few films.I first noticed Chloe Moretz in the Big Momma film as the young cheer leading girl.She was vibrant and memorable in the small role as one of the kids.
After a series of films ,she played a small role, Rachel Hansen in the romantic film (500) Days Of Summer.Although playing a young role,her character and her performance was more mature.Playing Tom Gordon Levitt very young sister,she is the one who gives him some important advice throughout the movie.
Then she appeared in the film that really showcase her acting skills and  the fact that she can carry a film by herself.I'm talking about the film Kick Ass as 'Hit Girl'.Although both Aaron Johnson and Nicholas Cage were in the movie along her,it was Hit Girl that was the talk of the town.Her performance as Hit Girl received critical acclaim from the critics and audience.The range of performance she gave int the movie is amazing.The expression and the body language which include the action  scenes throughout the film and the emotional scenes at the end of the film when her father dies and when she tries to be more open with Aaron Johnson.She shines in all the scenes and the dialogues she spoke in the film did create some stir.
The American adaptation of the Swedish novel  Let The Right One In sees Chloe Moretz playing the vampire Abby who befriends a young boy who has some of his own personal problem.Again she managed to carry the film by herself.Her performance as Abby is superb.I love all the scenes involving her assumed father especially the scenes where she hugs him,that scene requires depth and maturity.The scenes with Kodi are totally different where she is more girly and awkward .Superb!
Chloe Moretz will be appearing in the indie film Hick alongside Blake Lively and the Martin Scorsese film Hugo.She  will be adding Tim Burton's Dark Shadow's adaptation to her amazing resume playing Carolyn Stoddard.So all the best to Chloe Moretz the small sized girl with a huge talent.

So what do you think about Chole Moretz?I would be writing my review on Hugo and  A Dangerous Method .Next week  Memonisma would be highlighting Eddie Redmayne.
Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

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