Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pure Talent- Gael Garcia Bernal

Today Memonisma would like to highlight the Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal(32 years old) and some of his  memorable films.

Gael Garcia Bernal rose to prominence with the controversial film Y Tu Mama Tambien by Alfonso Cuaron.Gael Garcia Bernal appears as Julio the teenager from a middle class family.The film itself received rave reviews  from the audience and the critics for its bold depiction of sex and relationship.Both Diego Luna and Gael did a descent job in the film.

Its in his next film  El Crimen del Padre Amaro which showcase Gael's acting skills.he played  a young priest who becomes infatuated with the young Amelia who teaches in the church.He manages to exudes the lust  and guilt in his gaze. My favourite scene would be the  aftermath scene where he starts to have dreams about Amelia and when he decide to succumb for his desire, that's where he shines projecting love and guilt.The abortion scene and the ending leaves a strong impact.

then Gael Garcia Bernal stared in another controversial film Bad Education( La Mala Educacion) by Pedro Almodovar.he played a transsexual drag queen in the film .The film had some explicit scenes but Gael Garcia Bernal did an amazing job especially in the scenes where in the scene he is in drag and the scene  he performs on stage in drag and the scene when he realise the guy he is about to rob is his former flame.

He added some other strong films like Babel and The Motorcycle Diaries to his resume.He played Ernesto Fuser Guevara.This is his second time playing the role.His performance as Guevara is superb especially in his body language and expression when he battles asthma and the  his accent in the film is perfect.His performance in the film  definitely deserves a Oscar nod.

The film Rudo Y Cursi is probably my favourite Gael Garcia Bernal film.He collaborates again with Diego Luna ,playing Tato  who comes from a small town and ended becoming a successful.I loved the fight scene between the brothers who once were close after the second half of the film.

He is about to play opposite Daniel Day Lewis in the high profile Martin Scorsese film silencer.Gael Garcia Bernal  already had a brilliant resume and now he is accepting more offers from Hollywood productions.Having guts to chose bold roles throughout his career ,he us sure to have a long lasting career.
Next week Memonisma would be highlighting Evan Rachael Wood.


Candice Frederick said...

omgi love him so hard. thank you for this!

F.FRANKLIN said...

ur welcome!!

F.FRANKLIN said...

ur welcome!!