Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pure Talent- Tom Cullen

Tom Cullen
This week , I would like to highlight  Tom Cullen the breakout star in the controversial indie film Weekend. Tom Cullen(26 years old) started his career with some short TV series and stage work  before got casted  in the film Weekend.
The film Weekend deals about the two guys who initially  desired for a one night stand  and starts to get to know each other as well themselves in the process.Tom Cullen plays Russell a lifeguard who is not completely out,a loner who meets the outspoken Glenn played by Chris New who is very comfortable of his sexuality unlike Russell.Since Glenn is about to leave to America for a art course,they decide to spend  the weekend together and eventually creating emotional bonds in that two days.
Tom Cullen portrayal as Russell is amazing .It is quite unbelievable that its his first film and playing a gay character in his first film shows he will have a bright career.Many critics noted the thick accent of both Tom Cullen and Chris New as something negative(the only negative point) but I actually find the accent helped us to keep in mind that this is not America but Nottingham.His chemistry with co-star Chris New is believable and authentic.My favourite scene would be the scenes after the one night stand where u can see the awkwardness between the character especially in Tom Cullen and where Tom Cullen character tries to speak more about himself  and his childhood stuff.Tom Cullen playing a dull character manages to keep us interested in his  character with his expression. he did carry the film by himself.You can feel the loneliness in him even when he not speaking but just staring.
Tom Cullen career had just started and he  had already won the Best Actor in the Nashville Film Festival and was recently won the  Most Promising Newcomer in the British Independent Film Awards and more to come.He  had some interesting projects in the future like the TV series of the sequel of the Pillars Of The Earth.Tom Cullen is definitely  good actor and with the risks he takes in his choices of  projects,he is for sure here to stay.I would like to wish Tom Cullen all the best for his movie Weekend and his upcoming career.
Next week Memonisma would be highlighting  Gael Garcia Bernal.

[updated on 6/12/11]
Tom Cullen's interview after winning the BIFA Most Promising Newcomer,check it out.

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