Thursday, 17 November 2011


The film is about Hyperion whose family had died due to diseases decided to have a war against the god for not saving his family.So he seek for the Epirus Bow to release the titans as the law of the gods states that the gods cannot interfere with human wars  except only when the titans are released.In order to get the bow Hyperion caught the oracle Phaedra to tell him where the bow is.While on the other side,Theseus who had be trained by a old man(Zeus in disguised)  is a simple man who lives with his mother.He seem to avoid problems but when his mother is caught and killed in front his eyes,he decides to to avenge for his mother.When Phaedra tells him about his destiny he decides to accept his destiny and to save the humanity .

Tarsem Singh succeeded in making the film looking beautiful  but could have paid more attention on the script and its screenplay.
The plot itself had nothing new to it.It has a straightforward plot which in this case Theseus wants to kill Hyperion to save the humanity and to avenge for his mother.Yelling by the characters could have been reduced and the sex scene was unnecessary.I felt the sex scene was included just for the purpose of having a possible sequel to the film.There were some beautiful scene in in the film such as the scene before the riot when the oracles starts to pray and the scene where Phaedra feeds water to the exhausted Theseus by the dripping water from her mouth.

Henry Cavill  did a descent job portraying Theseus.he is charismatic and his physique convinces he is Theseus.every scene of him reminds us the hard work he has done to prepare for the role and the stunts Cavill performed didn't look amateurish.he is energetic in all scenes,the facial expression and body language works. the last fight scene between Mickey Rourke and Henry was superb.The funeral scene was moving as he carries his dead mother along the hallway.Henry's facial expression when he covered with oil and looking at the Phaedra is priceless.As a lead he did a commendable job and proves he can carry a film(looking forward for Man Of Steel)

Freida Pinto had a small role but she does justice to the role.She is probably the only one who didn't scream or yell in the film but you don't forget her although she  did disappear during battle scenes.She looks beautiful in all scenes and had a calm expression throughout the film.The scene where Phaedra found the oracles are in the silver cow getting burned alive is another good scene.

Luke Evans as Zeus,Isabel Lucas as Athena  and Kellan Lutz as Poseidon looked great but were underused.We only see most of the gods when they are battling with masks covering their face.The introduction scene of the gods where the gods comes out from their disguises is beautifully done.
Stephen Dorf did a okay job as the sidekick of Theseus but it was John Hurt in a very small role that shines.He plays the old man(Zeus in disguised) who trains Theseus.I found Mickey Rourke as the antagonist convincing although as the gods he is also always wearing  a mask and always yelling or spitting.

Everyone and everything looks immaculate .The village where Theseus lives looks  simple but  breathtaking.The village looks like it is a part of the mountain.The set designs of the film  is at the top notch.The almost circular design of the building where the slaves stop to drink the water  and the heaven where the gods sit and views the world looks fresh and different.
The costumes of the gods especially  during the battle looks amazing.the golden metal shields and the  different headpiece to distinguish the gods looks modern and very creative.the costume of Phaedra is probably the best costumes of the film.Only Phaedra's costume had some colour while other are seen wearing in a golden or brown tones.The red costume  worn by Phaedra when she accidentally touched Theseus(look below)  and the costume she wore during the end of the film,the mustard coloured one looks awesome.I smell Oscar nod for Eiko Ishioska for his amazing job in the film.

The visual effects handling the bloods,head cutting,head smashing and more reminds of 300 but looks stunning.The scene where Ares interferes and killed all the guard is where the visual effects shines.the scene where Zeus punishes Ares is also astounding.The scenes involving the Minotaur is another good example.All the fight scenes are choreographed well especially the battle involving the gods at the end of the film and the first fight scene involving Theseus at the beginning of the film when his mother is captured. However some of the fight scenes are sometimes repetitive.

Overall the film is a good popcorn movie.I enjoyed the film and felt it was way better than some of the films of the same genre like Alexander The Great and the remake of clash of the titans. If you're going to watch the film for some serious storyline or historical lesson, this is not the right film but this is a film for one should definitely go and watch the film mainly for its visuals as immortals is a visual feast.

Possible Oscar contender for
Best Costume Design
Best Visual Effects
Best Art Direction

My score: B


Candice Frederick said...

yeah i gave this a B as well, mostly because the cast was good--except for the always dull Pinto--and the effects were AMAZING.

Pinto remains a very unconvincing actress and almost boring to watch onscreen. wish she could give more in her performances.

F.FRANKLIN said...

tarsem should have expand her role and explore the theseus and phaedra relationship more in the film rather making her an eye not sure how mirror mirror would be,