Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday's Best Actor

Andrew Garfield
The adaptation of the novel by Ben Mezrich ,The Accidental Billionares: The Founding Of Facebook,A Tale Of Sex,Money,Genius And Betrayal saw Andrew Garfield potraying the co-founder Facebook ,Eduardo Saverin.Andrew Garfield performance as the co-founder won him praises from  the critics.We had seen him in the film Boy A and Never Let Me Go before this.Although it was Jesse Eisenberg stole almost all the scenes in the movie,Andrew Garfield managed to shine too especially in those scenes in the boardroom during the private trial.The scene where he asks Jesse Eisenberg "you told them about chicken too?" was one of them.The scene where he was confronted by Justin Timberlake character during the end of the film was one of the Oscar worthy scene.I felt he was snubbed last year for a Oscar nod,but he did earn a Golden Globe nomination.
Anyways, he seem to have some interesting projects in the future like the Spiderman Reboot.


Candice Frederick said...

TOTALLY felt like he was snubbed for a nomination! that scene where he FINALLY confronts justin timberlake's character is what dreams are made of!

F.FRANKLIN said...

he was so good in the social network!i hope he gets his chance in the future..he is young and his career seems to be going in a solid path