Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday's Best Actor

Taraji P.Henson
Taraji P.Henson portrayed Queenie in the film adaptation of the short story(only some parts of the short story are retained in the movie), The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button by F.Scott Fitzgerald.Taraji P.Henson portrayal of Queenie,the black woman who begins to raise Benjamin ,the baby she found outside the nursing home received critical acclaim from both the critics and audience.Her character Queenie is a warm character and probably a living meaning to say physical appearance had nothing to do with true love. Even though being a white in race and having a weird look,Queenie sees Benjamin as a normal kid and shower him with love as her own.Although  having small screen time,Taraji manages to shine in all the scenes she were in.The church scene and the scene where she bathes Benjamin are some of my favourite.You see the love she had for Benjamin and Taraji was nothing but superb in those scenes.A well deserved Academy nomination for Taraji.


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

I read somewhere that she's supposedly pretty good in "From The Rough", which will be coming out in February. (Although the fact that it is scheduled to hit in February has me a little worried.)

F.FRANKLIN said...

i checked the trailer and she is quite good in it ,however the release is february,so i dont see it disturbing the list