Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark- review

Finally I managed to catch up some of the releases that I missed in the beginning of the year.Here is the review of the movie Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark directed by Troy Nixey written by Guilermo Del Toro and staring Katie Holmes ,Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison.
Pluses: Bailee Madison.Her performance throughout the film is amazing.Starting from a girl who is visibly sad that her father has movie on by having a girlfriend to a girl who is afraid of the fairy folks Bailee gives a consistent  performance.The scene where she cries in the bathroom in the beginning of the film and the library scene are my favourites. The final scene where Katie Holmes ties her legs to Bailee Madison and decides sacrifice herself is another good scene.Her chemistry with both Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes are convincing.
The film itself  had a darker tone and everything looks beautiful.The lighting in the film and the environment surrounding the house whether the big tree or the maze in the gardens does create a chilling atmosphere.

Minuses:With the title suggesting don't be afraid of the dark,there is nothing to be scared in the film.there is not even one scene which is scary except for the first killing scene.The movie does evokes curiosity but no fear.The fairy folks looks almost like rats or gremlins and the second half of the film gets slower and bit dragging.

Oscar possibilities: None

My score: C+


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Saw this one and the first scene is really great. After that, though, I kind of lost interest. I wish they'd done the whole film in the style of the first scene!

F.FRANKLIN said...

suprisingly katie holmes was not bad in the film