Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Super 8-review

Super 8 is written and directed by J.J.Abraham, produced by Steven Spielberg staring Joel Courtney,Elle Fanning ,Kyle Chandler and more.

Pluses: The plot itself is refreshing as most films about aliens tend to focus on the the aliens itself but in this film the film focuses on the residents of the town  after the alien managed to escaped.The train accident scene is superb as well is the battle scene after the second half of the film when the boys decides to go and find Alice(Elle Fanning). It is here where the sound editing and sound mixing shines.The performance of the young stars are amazing especially Joel Courtney,Elle Fanning and Riley Griffiths.The boys in the film manages to give a good performance especially in the scenes when they starts to argue with themselves.Those scenes are hilarious and all of them have individuall styles.Elle Fanning looks beautiful and also performs well.Her chemistry with Joel Courtney works and she shines in all the scenes with the father character played by Ron Eldard.

Minuses:Yes,its a film about a bunch of boys who happens to be in the place where the accident which releases the alien to occur and how it impacts the resident but it would be better if we get to see the alien a bit more.The film tend to have the feel of the  film Goonies(my favourite) at some places.For instance the character Cary reminds of Data from the Goonies

Possible Oscar nominations:
Best Sound Editing
Best Sound Mixing
Best Visual Effects(maybe)

My score: B+


Ryan said...

Great review...I really loved this film and I know it borrowed heavily from other films but the acting, directing and technical effects all came together to a fun movie.

F.FRANKLIN said...

thanks mate! yes i agree with you technically is a good film and a nice film to watch...promising debut film from the boys

Pete said...

Agree that the performances of the kids was good. It had a pretty good story, atmosphere and sense of nostalgia about it but the ending was too cheesy for my liking and let it down a lot! Good review!

F.FRANKLIN said...

thanks @Pete...yes i do agree that the ending was bit cheesy and i cant help to find the similarities of spielberg previous films like E.T. and goonies....elle fanning sure has dakota's acting genes..