Friday, 4 November 2011

J.Edgar review -Leonardo and Armie Hammer shines!!!

The film J.Edgar had its  world premiere  today in the AFI Festival.Overall the film got mixed reviews but everyone is praising the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer.Critics are predicting that Leo could be  the winner of the Best Actor race . Some even praised that Armie hammer performed better than DiCaprio.Since I haven't watched the film here are some of the reviews on Leonardo's performance.

Leonardo DiCaprio is exceptional in the title role, digging into an incredibly complex character, committing from frame one to the embodiment and maintaining that course without losing focus.It's at times a broad portrayal of a broad persona, but I thought the actor found ways to dial it down and make the internal machinations of the man count. And I think it could very well carry him to that elusive first Oscar win.

DiCaprio projects this odd authority figure with energetic earnestness, a strong grip on the man's mindset and purpose, and an attentiveness to Hoover's power to prevail over others in matters big and small. It's a vigorous, capable performance, one that carries the film and breathes new life into the old tradition of plain real folk achieving retroactive allure by being played by attractive stars. But the characterization remains external, one of solid technique blocked from going deep because Hoover remains a fixed figure closed to taking a personal journey.


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Great write up. I saw one review title on a site taht made it sound like this was some kind of a surprise, and I thought, how can they be serious? I've had Leo for the win and Armie for the nom all year. Until I see either J. Edgar or Clooney in The Descendants (or both), I don't see moving them.

I'm not really surprised either about the "great performances, bad-to-middling movie" tale that is being spun either. This seems to happen a lot in Eastwood films (see Invictus).

F.FRANKLIN said...

thanks!!!i havent watched the descendants yet and just like you im also not moving george from my list..i think its safe to say that it is confirmed that we will see leo at least nominated