Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday's Best Actor

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe played Clarice 'Precious' Jones in the film Precious, the adaptation of the novel Push by Saphire.She played the character of the sixteen year old obese African American girl who is now pregnant carrying her father's child  and also faced physical abuse from her mother.Anyone who had watched Gabourey Sidibe interviews or at a event  will agree that Gabourey is the complete apposite of the Precious.It is shocking to see the sweet and girly Gabourey Sidibe transforming into the tortured Precious.Her performance in the film was amazing.She managed  give range of performances in the film from the girly personality in the dream Precious created,to a single teen mother,to a daughter who is abused ,to a mother who wants to change herself in order to provide a better life for her children.Unlike all the other characters  that appeared in the film ,Gabourey spoke very less but managed to deliver with a extraordinary performance.The stare she gave to her mother when her mother hits her or the blank look she had during the first half of the movie is amazing.My favourite scene would be the scene Precious breaks down to Ms Blu Rain that nobody lover her and love had done nothing  good to her.It was moving.The shoplifting scene and the scene where you see Precious reading her first essay is some of my favourite too.However, I had to mention the staircase fight between Gabourey and Mo'nique  and the scene where Mo'nique breaks down to Mariah Carey's character is immaculate.Gabourey didn't speak much during both of these scenes but the  facial expression and the body language is amazing.All of this in her debut film......BRAVO!!

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