Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bachelorette (2012)-review

The dark comedy directed and written by Leslye Headland with Kirsten Dunst,Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher as the three leading ladies as be touted to be raunchier version of the Bridesmaids.So how did it fare?

To be frank besides its wedding theme and Rebel Wilson it has no similarities to the Bridesmaids.  Bachelorette is much more darker,funnier and dirtier than the  Bridesmaids.In fact it reminded more of The Hangover meets The American Reunion.

When their friend Becky(Rebel Wilson),the big sized and always ridiculed by everyone during high school is about to get married to a perfect man ,the remaining single 'beautiful' friends  Regan(Kirsten Dunst),the clever 'perfect' blonde,Gena(Lizzy Caplan) foul mouthed  brunette and Katie(Isla Fisher) the dumb redhead tries their best to be supportive  for their friend despite of their  jealousy,shock and self pity.

Their jealousy basically peaks on the night  before the wedding where Katie and Gena ruins the the bachelorette party by offending the bride and ended up drinking and getting high  accidentally tearing the wedding dress.The film basically takes place  on what happened between 5 to 6 hours before the wedding ,where they try to fix the dress before the wedding along the way while confronting their own deep issues.

The script is fast paced and quite clever.While this kind of genre of films are  quite saturated  right now ,Bachelorete does not have any cliched scenes thanks to the script.With all the crazy thing happened that night ,the plot and the characters are actually realistic and there are many one-liners in the movie that are  quite funny .This are the sort of people you meet in weddings and stuff that happen behind the scene of a wedding.Having said that I'm not a fan of the profanity and drugs in the film.Its overused in the film .For instance 90% of Lizzy Caplan lines are made up of vulgar words.

I really liked that the film doesn't try  making the characters to change drastically at the end of the film like most movies does.The characters did had some issues solved by the end of the movie but they remained the same till the end.They are still envious of their friend.They are still having that self pity moments but ending up putting a  happy face for their friend's big day and this makes the film quite fresh and realistic.

As for the performance from the cast,Kirsten Dunst as the uptight maid of honor shines in the bitchy mean queen bee role.Its a very different role than what we have seen her before and she plays the unlikable friend with ease .The last 20 minutes of the film where her character basically  yells at everyone  to make sure everything goes well is where you realise she is the experienced one of the cast.I reckon she would most probably  get a Golden Globe nod for the comedy/musical category for her work in this film..Lizzy Caplan does an okay job and her chemistry with Adam Scott who plays her ex is convincing.Isla Fisher as the silly,ditsy friend is the funniest thing in the movie.I wouldn't say her acting is at a top notch but  she definitely scores when it comes to  being funny.She has the best lines in the film and tickles the bone whenever she appears onscreen.The toast ,the bleeding scene,magic vagina ,the swimming pool scene and the strip club scenes are some of the example of Isla funny moments.As for James Marsden,I felt his portions were unnecessary to the plot.

The Bachelorette definitely meets its purpose of being a funny and entertaining film.



Candice Frederick said...

sooo glad you liked it. i now definitely wanna see this.

F.FRANKLIN said...

@Candice Frederick Its really funny.Just go and watch it without any expectation and you will enjoy it.