Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pure Talent- Michael Fassbender

As every Friday I dedicate a post  to a actor or actress who brings life to a character  from the pages of  novel  here,I have decided to use every Thursday to highlight actors and actress with lots of talent and have made me a fan of him or her by just of  their wonderful acting.

My first post of a actor of raw talent will be about my favourite actor Michael fassbender.Michael Fassbender who is 34 and of german irish descent  caught my attention when I was watching a film known as Hunger.I sat in front the television and didn't  leave my seat until the movie finished.I'm not the type who cries when watching movies but I have to admit I shed tears even after the credits.I was so impressed of his portrayal of Bobby Sands and he exudes pure emotions in every scene he is in.One of my favourite scene is of course the scene where the priest talks with Michael for non-stop 17 minutes.Michael Fassbender did his best in that scene and I couldn't help to just look at his bruised face.Another scene which affected me a lot is of course the scene where Bobby Sands dies.Michael Fassbender had lost so many weight for this particular scene and every second of watching it makes me think of the efforts he has taken  and that was the scene I cried for the first time watching a movie.From that day I was a fan of Michael Fassbender.

Then I bought the DVD of Blood Creek.A role where Michael Fassbender only speaks in german and only shows his face for the first five minutes and the rest of movie covered with artificial makeups.It takes guts for a actor to appear in a film without showing his face  and Michael does have Fish Tank, Michael played another charming negative character.Its kinda hard to hate him even though he is playing a selfish guy who is married and has a daughter while trying to seduce the main character Mia and her mother.
His portrayal of  Edward Rochester brought him more female fans and his portrayal of Magneto in the First Class introduce him to the younger fanbase.

This year we saw him giving two award winning performance after Hunger and Fish Tank.In a Dangereous Method, we see him as Carl Jung the Swiss psychiatrist.Many recalled that Michael performance in this film was good and kinda subtle as the role is required to be subtle and show less expression compared to Keira's character.He managed to emote well and the scene where he looks at the building where the character Sabina lives,Michael managed to to emote lust and guilt all at the same time.

As many critic had predicted, Michael would be getting oscar buzz for A Dangerous Method before the release of both fims,I had  always had this feeling that if nominated he would be nominated for Shame by the master of unconventional fim Steve Mcqueen .And now I realised I was absolutely right.Michael's potrayal as the sex addict Brandon had made everyone talking about him.His bravery to act such a emotionally unstable person,a vulnerable character and  performing frontal nude scenes had made people talking in awe of this younger modern version of  Daniel Day Lewis.Michael Fassbender played the role Brandon so well and was in almost all scene and in fact the movie is about the shame of Brandon.I guess everyone had watched the train scene where Michael speaks and pours emotions through just his eyes(BRAVO!).Michael was able to portray this character so well that everyone who watch the film including my friend Laura who watched it in Toronto Film Festival said she forgot that she is seeing Michael and just saw the Brandon who was suffering from the inside.  I agree there is lots of  nude and uncomfortable scenes for some people in this movie but I have to say every  nude scenes in the movie  is placed and done because  the script demanded this (yes i have read the script) and therefore there is no wrong in it.Nudity/sex is another vital character in Shame.Its a invisible character where it  is crucial for the film as the film is about Brandon's difficulty of being a prisoner to this invisible character call sex  and I cant see how the director could cut it off the film.Michael Fassbender deserves an Oscar nomination for his wonderful portrayal of Brandon this year.He is a talent that people should be talking about and respect.I wish Michael Fassbender all the best and hopes to see his effort and talent to be appreciated from the academy this year.I'm looking forward of his upcoming roles and would like to see him doing both critically acclaimed movies as well as some commercial movies like X-Men First Class.So what next for Michael ....see him in the 84th Academy Awards!!Lastly ,i would like to dedicate this article also to all the fassys from Fassinating Fassbender....thanks for visiting.Next week ,Memonisma would be highlighting Jessica Chastain .


Dionne said...

Great post. I too am a STAN of Michael's because he is super talented! Also, he is super hottttt! I've noticed he's been getting alot more fans with his recent films. I know this is just the beginning for him. He's like my generations Daniel Day Lewis (yeah I said it) lol ;)

Jordan said...

Yes. I love how Fassy can speak with his eyes in that train scene in Shame. Fassbender truly is a rare type of actor that actually plays his part with intense and real emotion. I am so so glad to of found this man. Very nice read.

Fassbender for Oscars!

Simone said...

Very nice write up! It was fun to read your evolution into a Michael fan.

F.FRANKLIN said...

thanks Dionne!!!Michael is indeed the new Daniel Day Lewis!

Jordan,Fassbender for the Oscars!!

Thanx Simone!!Thanks for following the blog.

thanks guys for visiting the blog.lets hope and pray for the Fassbender for the Oscars.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing your kind words, I very agree with all of you was saying. Haven't watched the films yet, still waiting this would come to my country (my guess a Dangerous Method will be on the cinema, while Shame I will have to order from the net probably from Amazon and pay that it will be post to some address in US and after this for my country...The process will not be cheap but I feel it deserve it)
Can't wait to watch them!!

as a true fan we appreciate all Michael Fassbender work, and try to stay updated what is quite hard this days because he have so many projects going on!
what makes me be happy for him I hope this is a good thing.

F.FRANKLIN said...

Helen,believe me,u should watch both the movies ,especially shame.i think shame would be released in december as it would be easy for the campaigning of michael for the oscars.
thanx for visiting the blog!!

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