Saturday, 21 April 2012

85th Academy Awards-Best Actress(predictions)

1.Helen Hunt,The Surrogate(Predicted Winner)

-Oscar winner Helen Hunt will be playing a surrogate hired by John Hawkes to loose his virginity.Very less is known about the film and her role but those who had watched it in Sundance enjoyed her  bold performance .The only thing that could hurt her chances is the risky theme and if the film is explicit.

2.Keira Knightley,Anna Karenina

-Although she more of a celebrity than a actress,Keira Knightley had proved that she is a descent actress by choosing challenging roles throughout her career like Atonement,Pride and Prejudice,Never Let Me Go and The Dangerous Method.In Anna Karenina,Keira will be playing an aristocrat having affair with the Count which will be played by Kick Ass star Aaron Johnson.The affair will have a serious implication on her marriage and her life.

3.Laura Linney,Hyde Park On Hudson

-Laura Linney will be playing Margarett Suckley, a distant cousin of the the President  Roosevelt  who had a affair with the president.Laura Linney is a talented actress and a three time Oscar nominee.I loved her innocent looks and her performance in Kinsey and really looking forward of her interpretation of the famous scandal.

4.Viola Davis,Wont Back Down

-Viola Davis would be playing a mother trying to improve a failing school alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal.She was the favourite of many to win last year,so she could win this time.I'm very happy to see Viola in a another dramatic role as there are less black actress in these genre of films.

5.Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Smashed

-It seems it is quite often that one of the slot of best actress given to young upcoming actresses who gave their best performance.past years,we had Jennifer Lawrence,Gabourey Sidibe,Carey Mulligan and the recent Rooney Mara and this year it looks like it is Mary Elizabeth Winstead getting her first nod.Her portrayal of the alcoholic teacher who is trying to fix her addiction is getting the attention of the critics.Just filmed in 19 days,many critics had already praising her performance of the complex and multilayer character.

6.Amy Adams,Trouble With The curve

-Three times Oscar Nominee Amy Adams  would be playing Clint Eastwood daughter in this film which will explore the father/daughter duo trying to fix their relationship.Amy Adams also has another two interesting roles this year(The Master and On The Road)

7.Marion Cotillard,Lowlife

-playing a immigrant who was tricked  being  a burlesque dancer,this is her first English speaking lead role.There will be singing,dancing and drama,sounds Oscar bait to me.The only problem here is I'm not sure the actual release date of this film.

8.Melanie Lynskey,Hello I must Be Going

-Just like last winner Octavia Spencer,Melanie Lynskey had been playing the roles of the friend or sister or aunt.Hello I Must Be Going showcased her acting chops and critics loved her portrayal of the middle aged woman having affair with a younger boy.Although a really damn good campaigning is required for her to secure a nod.


Pete said...

Hope you're right. Would love to particularly see Linney and Adams up for it. Not that I've seen the films yet.

Ryan said...

This category is a little hard to figure out at the moment as many of these actresses could just as well end up in supporting, but I think your right that Helen Hunt, Keira Knightley, and Amy Adams will be major contenders.

F.FRANKLIN said...

@Pete It would be nice seing a new winner like Amy Adams.However I think she could win for the supporting category for the film The Master

@Ryan,I agree with you that most can fall in the supporting category.It would be nice to see Winstead getting nominated,I find her very interesting.

NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Great list. It's always amazing how many of the Lead Actress contenders come from more independent films.

Adams could potentially end up with nominations in both lead and supporting, as you mention. I'm hoping that she wins in supporting for PTA's The Master.

F.FRANKLIN said...

@NeverTooEarlyMP im also rooting for Adams this year.Plus cant wait to see Joaquin Phoenix after so long.