Saturday, 14 April 2012

85th Academy Awards-Best Actor(Predictions)

1.Daniel Day Lewis, Lincoln(Predicted Winner)

-We seldom see him onscreen but whenever he is onscreen,he transforms into the character even in the critical failure film Nine.In Lincoln,Daniel Day Lewis would be playing Abraham Lincoln one of America's famous president alongside an amazing cast like Sally Field(I love this woman),Joseph Gordon Levitt and more.Will Daniel Day Lewis pull a Meryl Streep win ? I think its absolutely possible when you put an actor like Daniel in the picture.

2.John Hawkes,The Surrogate

-He gave superb performance in Winter's Bone and in Martha Marcy May Marlene(MMMM),which I believed to be his best performance  in his career,he played a creepy/charming leader of a cult that haunts Martha all along the film.In the Surrogate,John Hawkes plays a man who is paralysed and tries to loose his virginity by hiring a surrogate.His performance received standing ovation in Sundance Film Festival and critics loved it.Since he was snubbed last year for MMMM, he deserves a nod this time and maybe win too.

3.Phillip Seymour Hoffman,The Master

-A film with a controversial plot revolving a modern religion where Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays the founder of the religion.Phillip Seymour Hoffman is not a stranger to controversial roles and he is probably one of the best actor working today.

4.Bill Murray,Hyde Park On Hudson

Another biopic on a president Franklin D.Roosevelt which will be played by Bill Murray.Unlike other biopic,this film will focus on his affair.Bill Murray was snubbed for his roles in Lost In Translation and Rushmore and this could lead him his second nomination.

5.Hugh Jackman,Les Miserables

-Hugh Jackman never had a role that could showcase his talent onscreen like Broadway does.This is the perfect role for him where he can showcase his singing,acting and even dancing  playing Jean Valjean.

Other Possible nominees:

6.Jamie Foxx,Django Unchained

- A Quentin Taratino film,where Jamie Foxx playing a slave turned bounty hunter trying save his wife.Jamie is a actor who is good in comedic and dramatic roles,so I'm looking forward for this film.

7.Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby

-Leonardo is one of those actors that should won an Oscar by now but continuously snubbed.He had played so many distinct roles in different genres of film.Based on the classic novel of the same name,Leonardo will be playing Jay Gatsby, a role with grey shades.

8.Sam Riley,On The Road

-Another adaptation of a classic novel based on the real life experiences of a group of novelist where Sam Riley plays Sal Paradise.Sam Riley had already proved he is a good actor with  films like Control and Franklyn and On The Road could land his first nomination.


Pete said...

ooooh great picks! Not sure if I'm more excited about Django or The Master from this list!

Ryan said...

I think you are going to be right on the first four. The last spot is really up for grabs so far. I also really agree with your thoughts on John Hawkes' performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene. Ultimately, I think it's going to come down to Hawkes and DDL for the win.

NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Great predictions. I am sort of hoping that Hawkes takes this one, since I like to see new winners, but you're absolutely right that the Streep win shows that the Academy isn't too worried about such things, so DDL is probably the better bet.

F.FRANKLIN said...

@Pete..The Masters had already sparked some oscar Buzz to it and since it has Joaquin Phoenix in it playing a vital role after so long,cant wait to see it.

@Ryan i too wished John Hawkes to win as he was snubbed last year and its always nice to see someone new to win.I added Hugh Jackman due to the fact he is a familiar face to the AMPAS and yes I agree the fifth spot is for grabs by anyone with good campaigning

@NeverTooEarlyMP let hope Hawkes will win,he needs more critics awards to secure his win.