Friday, 6 April 2012

Oliver Stone's Savages and Woody Allen's To Rome With Love-trailer

Checkout the new trailer of Oliver Stone's 'Savages' staring Taylor Kitsch,Aaron Johnson,Blake Lively,Salma Hayek,Emile Hirsch and many more.The movie is about the rescue attempt of two marijuana growers  when their girlfriend is kidnapped.Based on the trailer, the film is act with humour and action and based on the recent  test-screening,almost all reviews seem to be positive.

The here is another trailer from Woody Allen's  To Rome With Love with a large ensemble of actors which includes Woody Allen himself, Jesse Eisenberg,Penelope Cruz,Ellen Page and many more.I'm not impressed with the trailer but I'm not gonna judge the film based on the trailer as the film seem to be the perfect Oscar bait mainly for its actors.


Pete said...

Savages looks very promising!

F.FRANKLIN said...

Taylor Kitsch seem to have big project after big projects.Good for him.