Friday, 21 February 2014

What to Expect from Game of Thrones Season 4 (Non- Spoilers)

Since the fourth season of Game of Thrones will be premiering in the first week of April, I would like to dedicate a post on  what to expect for season 4 for the non book readers with no spoilers. Note: pics were place randomly  to avoid spoilers

1) Losing Identities
- Last season , we had Jaime Lannister, Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy lose their identity in their own way. However this season two characters loses their identity both literally and metaphorically and adapt to their  new persona, new name in  a very sad way but  still kicking arse.

- What would Game of Thrones be if there were no deaths? Without giving any hints ,I'll just say that  there will be at least 6 deaths  this season, characters compromising the main cast.Major Characters. Some would be really sad, some would be surprising and one particular death will be really smelly.

- If the season is gonna be faithful to the book, there should be two weddings this season and one particular wedding is gonna be filled with drama thanks to the plotting, Joffrey continuing being a douche towards everyone especially his uncle, a maid in  a purple hairnet,attention seekers and vendettas. Its gonna be louder than the Red Wedding.

4) Jon Snow's arc finally gets interesting
- I always found Jon Snows arc to be quite boring and lack luster.Maybe its because of Kit Harrington's constant pouting or other characters like Samwell Tarly, Ygriette(Rose Leslie), the wildlings and even Ghost outshines Jon Snow.However, things are about to get serious and interesting in his arc.New responsibility, new maturity and new side we haven't seen him in.Plus, there's a big war rising and walkers will be making a cameo as well.

5) Tyrell's plans finally start to bloom
- The Tyrell wanted the crown and they are really close to it. Margaery is getting married to the King and Tyrells are looking forward to settle their grounds permanently in Kings Landing.So will their plans bore fruits?

6) Weirder scenes
If you think incest, manhood chopping and naked lady giving birth to a demon in a cave is weird, brace for yourself for more weirder scenes this season. While one involves a sex scene in a very wrong location  another involves a kiss in the snow.

7)  Daenerys Targaryen's prophecy starts to get fulfilled
"we know… the shape of shadows… morrows not yet made… drink from the cup of ice… drink from the cup of fire… Mother of Dragons… Child of Three… three heads has the dragon… three fires must you light: one for life and one for death and one to love… three mounts must you ride: one to bed and one to dread and one to love… three treasons will you know: once for blood and once for gold and once for love… daughter of death, slayer of lies, bride of fire…" -Clash of Kings , G.R.R.M

-While the exact prophecy was never ever mentioned in the TV series, this is the prophecy about Daenerys pathway which was told to her in the House of the Undying.Daenerys was betrayed for blood in Season 1 by the witch who made her barren and killed her unborn child and she did  marry Khal Drogo( one of the mounts:one to the bed). She did light one fire for  life when she walked into the flames in season 1.So which part of rest of the prophecy is gonna be fulfilled this time?

8) Everything Dornish
Located in the south of Westeros, the Dornish folks are known for their darker skin tone, they also have different accent and different traditions.They are very open minded, very sexual(having paramours,sexually adventurous) and are the feminists of Westeros. This season we will be introduced to Dornish characters who are travelling to King's Landing for the Purple Wedding with a vendetta in their mind against the Lannister.(Side note: Tywin and his army killed The Targaryens and Elia of Dorne who were married to Rhaegar-Dany's elder brother) Even though I'm not that fond of the casting choice of Oberyn Martell(nothing against the actor,just felt Oberyn should be a little more darker)I'm pretty sure Oberyn would turn out to be a fan favourite. Based on the trailer, Oberyn will be the highlight of the season.

9) Avenging for the Starks
- Finally, someone is gonna avenge for the Starks but its gonna be someone nobody would have guessed. I guess this will act as the closing scene of Season 4.

10) The Greyjoy Siblings  and the Boltons Dilemma
 -  Will there be remorse in Theon Greyjoy when he hears the truth about the Red Wedding? will he escape his tormentor? A new character will be introduced in the Bolton arc.She's gonna be so much fun to watch since she will be one of the most optimistic character in whole Westeros and definitely delivers a positive message to those with body issues.

11) Restoring honor as a new beginning
- While one particular character gets a  very long quest involving a Stark to restore  his or her honor , two other characters try to restore their honor as a Kingsguard.

12)Season of the Lannisters
  -  this season will focus  more on the Lannister especially the Lannister siblings. We get to see more about this dysfunctional family and learn more secrets about their past and there's gonna be lots of plotting and betrayal.

13) Stannis finally shows why he is awesome
 - Stannis had always been a fan favourite in the books .However, TV Stannis is the opposite of it and this season  TV Stannis is gonna redeem himself. Hopefully.

Finally just for the book readers.

14) PETYRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- you'll get it when you watch the scene

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