Friday, 21 October 2011

Henry Cavill -Rising and Talented

I was a little biased whether to include Henry Cavill in the Pure Talent section as Henry has not yet appeared in a role where he depends solely on the acting.So I decided to talk about Henry in a separate article.

No one can deny the fact that Henry Cavill is one of the good looking actor in Hollywood and he can actually act .He had been called the 'Most Unluckiest Actor in Hollwood' as he come so close in getting  roles in prominent films like James Bond  and Twillight franchise but ultimately lost the role for being to young for the roles but that's about to change.If you ask me,personally I feel Henry should be thanking God for not getting casted in those films especially the Twillight films.Yes those films would make you famous,girls screaming for you but it is hard to come out as a serious actor from it.It would be a curse in his acting career.

I noted Henry Cavill first in the Showtime series The Tudors.He played the playboy Charles Brandon and he did a descent commendable job in The Tudors.In Blood Creek he managed to show some acting skills as he portrayed the brother who had to take care of his brother's family after his brother gone missing suddenly and then joining his brother to revenge those who kidnapped and tortured his brother.He managed to shine in a film with plot holes.

2011 seem to be 'the' year for Henry.he has been filming 2 major studio films,Man of Steel where he plays  the iconic Superman and in Immortals where we will be seeing him as Theseus.He also had another thriller film The Cold Light of Day opposite Bruce Willis where he will playing a man trying to save his kidnapped parents.All three films is totally different and he had larger scope to perform. The effort Henry has taken to build his body for the roles amaze me.I have this feeling that Man of Steel  and Immortals will do what Batman did for Christian Bale.The pre-screening of the film Immortals recently received positive reviews and critics praising Henry  for his portrayal of the Greek hero.The film will be released November 11 next month.And with names like Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan attached to Man of Steel,I feel it would also be a great Superman film with a darker tone.

All three films will definitely push Henry into the A-list .However Henry should be starting to do serious films after this,dramatic films with really good script after those films.Take for instance both Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr. and what they did after Batman and Ironman respectively.

I wish all the best to Henry Cavill for his future films and hope those films give him the recognition he deserves and looking forward to see his next career moves.I'm looking forward to write an article for Henry  in the Pure Talent section someday.Again,all the best to Henry Cavill!!


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Nice write up! I'd remembered that he was going to be the new Superman, but somehow I forgot all about Immortals, even though it's only a few weeks away.

F.FRANKLIN said...

do watch the film immortals...people who watched the films in the pre-screening said it was better than 300 and clash of the titans..if it is like everyone could get nominated for visual effects and some other categories