Tuesday, 11 October 2011

84th Academy Awards-Best Supporting Actress

1.Octavia Spencer
Her role as Minny in the critically acclaimed The Help is my predicted winner for this category.She managed to steal attention in every scene she is in.Her performance as the outspoken maid and with the humor inserted into the character made critics and audience praising her ability and began to notice her acting skills and realise comedy is a serious thing.

2.Vanessa Redgrave
Vanessa Redgrave had been nominated for the Oscars six times already and won one for the film Julia.Her performance as the mother of the general Coriolanus in the film Coriolanus had been described as a masterpiece of acting and propelled her into the Oscar race again.Some even felt this is indeed the best performance of her career.So I'm pretty sure its time for Vanessa Redgrave to get ready for the Oscars again.

3.Keira Knightly 
In the film A Dangerous Method ,Keira Knightly played the real life based character Sabina Spielrein opposite Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen.Her portrayal of the mentally troubled women who later becomes the mistress of the Carl Jung(Fassbender) received positive to mixed review.She managed to portray such a loud(literally) character and at the same time being seductive.The scene where she was brought to the institution and she was screaming her heart out was the talk of the critics as it is a avatar that we haven't seen Keira in .Plus the spanking scene did help to create some attention even before the release .I definitely see Keira getting nominated as there was a range of performance from Keira in this film,from a troubled women who says it excites her when her father hits her to a seductive women who wants to lure Carl Jung.

4.Judi Dench
Judi Dench will be portraying the mother of the J.Edgar Hoover in the biopic film J.Edgar.Based on the trailer Judi Dench did shine and seem to have some good scenes ,especially the non-speaking scene where she notices her son(Leonardo DiCaprio)hold the hands of Clyde Tolson(Armie Hammer).She managed to emote well worry through her eyes  in a subtle manner.If she managed to have more scenes like those in the film and perform well which I have no doubt , I feel Judi Dench will be seeing another nomination in her career.

5.Jessica Chastain
Take Shelter one of the well received indie film this year is getting lots of buzz for its two main lead,Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain.Jessica Chastain's performance of the wife who is worried of her husband that he could be delusional and losing his mind received great reviews from the critics and the audience.Jessica had been appearing back to back in critically acclaimed films this year and all in absolutely different roles.I definitely see her to be nominated mainly for her body of work this year and her great performance in
 Take Shelter.

Some other actress that could get nominated:

6.Carey Mulligan
Carey Mulligan appears as the foul mouthed cissy in the Steve Mcqueen sex addiction film Shame.Her performance got great reviews and many praised Carey for appearing in a role that is so different to what she normally appears and excels in it.She did some bold scenes and also did some singing in the film.If campaigned well,she could get nominated.

7.Berenice Bejo
Berenice Bejo portrayal in the silent film The Artist received positive reviews.Performing without speaking throughout a film is a serious task and Berenice Bejo as a upcoming rising silent film actress was so good.Since she is a relatively new actress and unknown out of France,she would need to be campaigned well to get her noticed by the AMPAS.If talking about just performance,I surely feel Berenice deserves in the top 5,but since its both performance and campaigning,I placed Berenice here.

Do you agree with me?Did I miss anyone?


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Great predictions! This category seems a little more open than some of the other ones, but 6 of the actresses you name are also in my top 10, and the last one is in my top 15.

The one who I keep going back and forth on the most is Chastain. Some days I think that all of her projects will help boost her in for a body of work, and other days I think that the votes will get split and she'll miss out entirely. Although I will be seeing Take Shelter later today, so perhaps if she's as good as they say that will solve my waffling!

F.FRANKLIN said...

please do watch Take Shelter...its so good..Take Shelter and Like Crazy are my favourite indie films this year...

F.FRANKLIN said...

i agree with you..her body of work might goes both way...lets hope it goes in a positive direction