Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Deception Point by Dan Brown- review

Although released in 2001 ,I finished Dan Brown's Deception Point yesterday.I have to say that even though many movies and books based on extraterrestrials life had been made and written,Deception Point is totally different.The discovery of the extraterrestrial life was linked together with the presidential election.It is a fast pace thriller and all the characters are realistic and flawed like a normal human being.

A meteorite has been discovered by NASA buried deep in the Milne ice shaft at the Artic.Rachel sexton along with some other civilian scientists had been send to Artic so confirm the authenticity of the meteorite.If proved to be real,President Zach Herney can finally prove to his opponent  Senator Sedgewick Sexton and the citizen of US that funding for NASA is not wasting money(a point used by Senator sexton in his presidential campaigning against the President).Rachel and the scientists proved the meteorite was authentic and its fossilised space bug on the meteorite is also real.Zach Herney prepares a press conference to tell the world that NASA had made the biggest  discovery of mankind.However 1 hour before the press conference, by accident Rachel and the scientist found that the meteorite was planted into the ice from below of the ice as they found some plankton in the extraction site.Who is responsible for this ?Is this something done by the President and NASA as their political move?The president is just minutes away to confirm this wrong data to the world.If the President is innocent, he is about  toliterally read his resignation letter.
The plot moves in a fast pace after this as the author tries to play with our mind  about who is responsible for this mess and is the meteorite authentic.
My favourite character of the book is two of the female supporting character Majorie Tench and Gabrielle Ashe.Majorie Tench is raspy voiced old women who have the tongue of sword and is brain behind Zach Herney presidential campaign.My favorite part would be the part where she tries to get Gabrielle to commit that she had an affair with the Senator Sexton and admit her fault.The part where Majorie lures Senator Sexton into an invisible trap during their confrontation in CNN was also great.
Gabrielle Ashe is another of my favourite character in this book. She works for the campaign of Senator Sexton, a young black woman who has clear goals and ambitions  in Washington and is the brain behind Senator Sexton campaign.It is a brave and tough  female character in the politic world dominated by the men.She provides him with many useful information and at one point even risking her life.SPOILER-Gabrielle Ashe is the real hero at the end of the book for the sacrifice she made for the country.
On the negative sides of the book , the main character Rachel Sexton characterization  is poorly made.I don't feel connected with  the character as I am with the others.It could be due to the multi narration mode.However, I do like the subtle romance between Rachel and Michael
Overall Deception Point is a good book to read.The book like other Dan brown's book feeds you knowledge on stuff you would probably never heard before.


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