Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday's Best Actor

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner played Sansa Stark in the HBO's Games of Thrones.Sansa Stark is  a typical teenager character of those days who only sees boys as her main priority admist all the problems going on in the Games of Thrones.Sansa is a quiet character  and Sophie Turner being a complete opposite in her real life, played the character so well that  some people who watched the series actually hated her ,due to her  Sansa character in the series .The scenes where she begs to Joffrey for her father's life and  after finding out that Jofferey is an animal despite his external attractive appearance and tried to push him was so good  and it is shocking to learn this is her first time in front the camera.I'm looking forward to see how Sansa's character changes in the season 2 and Sophie portraying it.

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