Tuesday, 4 October 2011


1.Meryl Streep
The legendary Meryl Streep is my predicted winner for the Best Actress category.Need I have to say more?Its Meryl Streep for God's sake.Directed by Phyllida Lloyd ,The Iron Lady sees Meryl Streep as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.Meryl Streep is well known for her ability to adapt foreign accent and her acting skills is so great that the audience are fully invested with her performance that they tend to forget it Meryl Streep playing the character.Even though only a teaser of the trailer had been released ,I still feel and believe Meryl will give a great performance and take the golden statue home.

2.Viola Davis
Viola Davis is the next in my list for her wonderful portrayal of the black maid in The Help.Her performance as Aibileen Clark in The Help was so convincing and she did carry the film by herself.Viola Davis is no stranger to the Oscars as she was nominated for her performance in Doubt.She shone in the film Doubt even though she was present in for a small screen time.Reviews on Viola Davis in The Help is great and I'm sure she will be nominated again.

3.Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen's performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene is getting major Oscar buzz.Critics are impressed by her raw performance as a young women out from a cult and began to be paranoid that the leader(John Hawkes) are still watching her.The Academy loves young raw talents and Elizabeth Olsen definitely deserves a Oscar nod for her marvelous performance in the movie.

4.Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst portrayal as a depressed women at the end of the world earned her the Best Actress in the Cannes Film Festival.Kirsten Dunst is a favourite of the Academy as they have seen her from a child actress to a respectable good actress.Her performance throughout her career had been consistent and she can definitely act.Her portrayal in the film Melancholia had been garnering buzz and great reviews from the critics and audience as well.I think its time for this Hollywood girl get her deserved recognition.

5.Michelle Williams
Although only the poster had been released,My Week with Marilyn is creating lots of Oscar buzz even before the release and most of it is for Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.Michelle Wiliams is a established actress and she had been nominated for Oscars twice,one for Brokeback Mountain and another for last year Blue Valentine.Even though its kinda risky to put Michele Williams in this list even before the release of the movie,I'm gonna take a risk as I believe she can do justice for the role of the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Some other actress might get a Oscar nod :

6.Glenn Close
Glenn Close portrayal as a women who disguises as man in the movie Albert Nobbs is getting good reviews but some critics do feel the movie does not live up the expectation.it was good but not great.

7.Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones portrayal as a British exchange student in the film Like Crazy is getting great reviews from the critics.She gave a realistic and raw performance in the film.If campaigned well ,she can definitely get nominated.

8.Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron will be portraying a novelist who wants to relive her past young years in the film Young Adult.The film is directed by Jason Reitman who gave the movies like Juno and Up in the Air.

So do you agree with me ?Did i miss anyone or misplaced anyone?

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