Saturday, 8 October 2011

84th Academy Awards-Best Supporting Actor(predictions)

1.Christopher Plummer
In the film the Beginners,Christopher Plummer plays a guy who comes out after the death of his wife to his son.His performnace as a guy who finally embracing his true self is heart warming and hilarious all at the same time.He begans to start to live as a gay man by having open relationship with a younger man and going to the club.The chemistry between Ewan Mcgregor and Christopher is so convincing and authentic.Even though the character is small compared to Ewan's character,Christopher's character Hal was the most memorable one in the movie.I definitely see Christopher Plummer getting his first nomination and first win with Beginners.Like wine Christopher Plummers seems to gets more better as he gets older.Kudos!

2.Albert Brooks 
In the film Drive,Albert Brooks plays a cold hearted gangster.His performance as the Jewish mobster who would do anything to get what he wants had been getting praise and great reviews from the critics and the audience.After watching the film,I can't stop thinking of the film and both Ryan and Albert.Ryan Gosling was great in the film but i feel Albert Brooks managed to outshine Ryan's scenes.The character Bernie played by Albert is almost psychotic and Albert is shockingly good in it as we are used to see him as a funny good guy.Albert definitely deserved to get nominated for the Oscars this year and I feel this year it is between Albert and Christopher Plummer to bring the golden statue home.

3.Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt portrayal as a strict father in the Terrence Malick The Tree of Life is getting great reviews from the critics.His performance as a very tough father is garnering him buzz for the supporting category.Brad Pitt had appeared in two critically acclaimed movies this year with the other film is Moneyball.Being  an actor with huge star value and giving a impressive performance in The Tree of Life,I see Brad getting another Oscar nod.

4.Kenneth Branagh
Kenneth Branagh will playing the legendary Laurence Olivier in the movie My Week with Marilyn.The movie will be depicted during the shooting of the film the Prince and the Showgirl,where both Monroe(Michelle Williams) and Laurence Olivier were the leads.Based on the trailer only ,Kenneth Branagh does have some good scenes and he did justice to the role.We will have to wait and see whether Kenneth Branagh could do the same throughout the film when it is screened in new york film festival.

5.John Hawkes
John Hawkes plays the leader of a cult following in the indie film Martha Marcy May Marlene.Although the films is mainly about Elizabeth Olsen's character,John Hawkes performance as the cold and scary cult leader made huge impact.His eyes and expression was scary and in some scenes we do relate to Elizabeth Olsen's character paranoia.He is getting great reviews and Oscar buzz for this film.If campaigned well I definitely see him getting nominated this year again.

Other actor that could get nominated :

6.Philip Seymour Hoffman
Phillip Seymour Hoffman performance the in The Ides of March is also getting some buzz as he seems to have some of the best lines in the movie and realistic portrayal.Philip is a great performer and had already won an Oscar for Capote and two more nomination in Charlie's Wilson War and Doubt.If campaigned well ,he could slip up to the nomination list.

7.Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer will be portraying the lover/protege of  J.Edgar Hoover in the biopic J.Edgar.Armie's acting in The Social Network as the twins were good and if he could do the same in this movie I definitely see him getting a nod as the role of Clyde Tolson as it is a meaty role in the film. Controversial but if done well could be great.

So do you agree with me?Did I miss anyone?


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

This is a great list.

The one thing I've been trying to watch out for is the younger actors who might unfairly get pushed supporting, even if they are really leads. I'm thinking Jeremy Irvine in War Horse, Thomas Horn in Extremely Loud, and Asa Butterfield in Hugo. They're all still longshots at this point, but the way that AMPAS does category confusion I can't completely rule them out.

F.FRANKLIN said...

yes i agree with you.i aware of those young actors too .Especially Asa Butterfield and the film Hugo.Hugo seems to be so quiet till now but i feel the film have lots of potential to get nominated for numerous caregory as it is directed by the great martin scorsese.i do feel both chloe moretz and asa butterfield do have chances to get nominated.