Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pure Talent-Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick debuted in the musical independent film Camp playing a small supporting role.Then she played the fast talking Ginny Reyson in the film Rocket Science.Anna Kendrick manage to portray the ambitious and would do anything to win role so well.She manage to ooze innocence at first half of the film and some selfishness at the end of the film.She played a small role of Jessica Stanley in the the Twilight movies.Even with a small role,she stood out among the cast of the film.
In the Oscar nominated film Up The Air,Anna Kendrick played Natalie Keener,a graduate which is freshly hired and aides George Clooney's character in firing in employees.Again she manage to exude some  innocence mixed with some dramatic acting.Kendrick received a Oscar nod for her performance in the film.
Then this year,Anna Kendrick appeared in the film 50/50 which was released few weeks ago.She played a new psychologist who became Joseph Gordon Levitt's therapist.She received great reviews for the role and one critic saying she nailed playing a know it all role with shades of vulnerability.
Anna Kendrick has a impressive projects ahead her,End of Watch,Pitch Perfect and The Company You Keep.I wish Anna Kendrick all the best and looking forward for her future projects.


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

I really liked Anna Kendrick in both Up In The Air and 50/50, but also noted that the characters seemed very similar. I really hope that she doesn't get stuck playing the same roles over and over. She definitely seems like she has the talent to do many different types of parts if she can convince directors to give her a chance!

F.FRANKLIN said...

yeah...I would like to see her in different serious roles...serious roles without being bubbly....pure serious or pure evel roles..