Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pure Talent-Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain was born in Northern California 1981.Although her debut in film was in Jolene which was released 2008,Jessica started to shine and receive great attention from the critics and filmmakers this very year.2011 seems to be a good year for Jessica Chastain where she appeared and played different roles in critically acclaimed movies like The Tree of Life,The Debt,Take Shelter and The Help.
In the Tree of Life directed by the genius  Terrence Malick ,Jessica plays the mother of the young Sean Penn and the wife of Brad Pitt's character in the film.The movie and the actors got great reviews and some critics praising Jessica Chastain for being memorable and able to give a performance at par with both Penn and Pitt.Then we saw Jessica appeared in the seasons favourite The Help .In The Help she played Celia a southern blonde and again she proved she can do any characters.The role garnered her praise and also some Oscar buzz.

However it is in the indie movie Take Shelter that make me become a fan.Jessica played a doubtful wife in the indie hit Take Shelter which is running in the theaters now.Jessica portrayal as the wife who finds it hard to believe her husbands apocalyptic claims is spellbinding and the scene where she wonders whether her husband is losing his mind and scenes where she shows emotion by expression is so beautiful.I am so impressed of her performance in Take Shelter.Jessica managed to shine in a movie all about Michael Shannon character who also did a marvelous job.In my opinion she deserves an nomination in the supporting category for this movie instead of The Help.Then we saw Jessica Chastain as the younger version of Rachel Singer in the film Debt which is a remake of the israeli film of the same name.Chastain played the younger version to the character played by Hellen Mirren,a Mossad agent.Both Mirren and Chastain performance drew great reviews and praise.
Jessica Chastain is an actress who can mold herself into many different roles and performs well.I definitely see a bright future for Jessica in Hollywood.She is one of those actress where can do both critically acclaimed movies as well a commercial,big studio films.She has many more films awaiting for release and still in the production process.She will be in the films The Wettest County in the World,Texas Killing  Fields and a untitled Terrence Malick film as well a untitled Guillermo del Toro film.All the best to the the Hollywood chameleon,Jessica Chastain.
Next week,Memonisma would be highlighting Elizabeth Olsen and Michael Shannon.


Candice Frederick said...

check her out in texas killing fields.

F.FRANKLIN said...

I will...i really wanted to watch that fim for two reason...jessica chastain and chloe moretz.....talking about chloe moretz,she is a very talented actress..i see her having a successful career...she is the type of atress that shine and steals every scene she is in...

NeverTooEarlyMP said...

I've seen The Tree Of Life, The Help and The Debt. And I hope to see Take Shelter either this week or next week.

She is indeed a great actress, but I have also begun to wonder how much of her buzz is the coincidence of having all of these films released at once.

If they were spread out over the course of two years, she'd still be just as great, but the buzz would be significantly less.

I don't say that to take anything away from her at all. I'm just reflecting on how much talent depends on luck to get noticed!

F.FRANKLIN said...

I do agree with you NeverTooEarlyMP.I also feels that all these films releasng at once also did some favour to her buzz.Sometimes to shine in hollywood you need both luck and talent and Jessica seem to have both.

Please watch Take Shelter.I feel she is the best in this film compared to other film.She were good in those other films but in Take Shelter she was great.If nominated ,I think she would be nominated for Take Shelter.