Sunday, 2 October 2011


1.Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio, 3 times Oscar nominee is playing the controversial first FBI director,J.Edgar Hoover in the film J.Edgar  directed by Clint Eastwood which is a biopic of J.Edgar and his alleged secret life which included homosexuality.Leonardo DiCaprio is a actor who can act in all genres of film from the romantic film of Titanic,a dramatic film like Blood Diamond,a thriller in Shutter's Island to sci-fi Inception,this guy can really act!He had given consistent  performance in his career and I feel it is the time for him to have a Oscar statue in his home.Although only the trailer had been released,based on the trailer and  if the movie and Leonardo  can keep up to the pace of the trailer then its Leonardo's year.

2.Jean Dujardin
French actor Jean Dujardin is the next in my list of Best Actor prediction.Jean Dujardin's performance as the failing silent movie star in the  silent film The Artist had been getting great reviews and a Best Actor award in Cannes Film Festival.Dujardin's performance is so different from all the actor in my list because he didn't speak at all throughout the film and only convey what he wants to say by his eyes and expression.That require guts and real talent to portray the role well.Jean Dujardin is actually my first choice to win the Best Actor award but after seeing the trailer of J.Edgar,I decided to put him as second and plus the fact if nominated ,it would be his first nomination and he his a unknown french actor decreases his chances of wining.However ,he could be like Marion Cotillard ,virtually unkown out of France but managed to win in her first nomination.He really deserved to win in my eyes.We have to wait and see whether Jean will win or not.

3.George Clooney
George Clooney is getting great reviews for his role of a father who wants to reconnect with his daughters in The Descendants.He had already won a Oscar for Syriana in the supporting category but this year seems to be a bright year for him.He has two critically acclaimed movies The Descendants and Ides of March and could be also seeing a best director nomination for Ides of march.The fact the AMPAS loves George Clooney and his performance which is also good,I definitely see George getting nominated.

4.Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman one of the most underrated actor of our generation.He has given so many good performances but always got snubbed when it comes to Oscars.Playing a retired officer who decides to come out of retirement to find the double agent in the British Secret Service in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,Gary oldman could be seeing his first nomination.Great review from the critics and being actor everyone idolise,he will definitely get nominated this year.

5.Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender's portrayal of Brandon the sex addict is the talk of critics and audiences nowadays.His portrayal of the broken character earned him Best actor in the Venice Film Festival and propelled him to the Oscar race.Though some scenes are not AMPAS friendly ,but those scenes are vital for the movie and Michael's performance overshadow those scenes..Michael Fassbender definitely deserves a nomination  for his great performance in Shame and there is always some exception for these kind controversial movies where the performance is good.For instance Kate Winslet was nominated for her performances in Little Children and won for The Reader,Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain,Natalie Portman in Black Swan,Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboys and many more.All these actors did some controversial scenes like Michael's in Shame and did get deserving recognition.So I think Michael will also get the recognition as he deserves it.

 Another actor who could make it to the list:

6.Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon scored a surprising nomination for Revolutionary Road and a solid performance in Take Shelter may bring him a another nomination.The critics are impressed of his performance in the movie and are prediction another nomination this year.We need to wait and see how J.Edgar does.If J.Edgar is bad ,then Michael Shannon definitely will make it to the list.

Do you guys agree with  me?Did I miss anyone?


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

I really love that you've got Fassbender in your top 5. I'm hoping that the academy will go for it, but am a little too worried about the prudes to predict him just yet. Still, I hope you're right.

Brad Pitt in Moneyball is getting some talk too, I've seen it but didn't think he was all that special in it. Good, but not special. Still, it is Pitt so we can't rule out the star appeal, although like you I'm kind of hoping that Fassbender or Shannon can steal that 5th spot from him.

F.FRANKLIN said...

yeah,fassbender in shame was so great and really deserves a nomination.nice to hear you too support him.
but i have to agree with you ,brad pitt might get nominated as his performance in moneyball is good.however the reviews were good but not great.hope fassbender or michael shannon gets their recognition

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