Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Conelly- review

Published in 2005 The Lincoln Lawyer is written by Michael Conelly featuring Mick Haller as its protagonist.
The novel is about defense attorney Mick Haller defending a successful  wealthy realtor Louis Roulet against a case by Reggie Campo who claimed Roulet had assaulted her and threat to kill her and rape her.
Louis Roulet who appeared to be a innocent rich guy who had been framed for his money during the first half of the novel,is then revealed to be a cold blooded serial killer who had earlier killed few women before.Mick Haller couldn't go to the police due to the attorney-client ethics but when his friend/colleague was murdered by Lois Roulet using Mick Haller's gun,Mick Haller has no choice other than to help Louis getting acquitted from the charges.Will Mick Haller just  go along Louis Roulet's blackmail in order to save himself and help Louis or go against his client-attorney code to prove Louis crime in order to revenge for his friend or come out a way that proves Roulet guilty without going against the code.
The Lincoln Lawyer is a perfect novel for the ones who likes thriller court drama.Being a law student myself ,I enjoyed the novel.My favourite character is Mick Haller the main character himself.Its not always the main character becomes my favourite character but I like Mick Haller because he is a real lawyer we usually come across with.The kind who works for the bucks but not for the heart but in this case he starts to change his way.He knows Roulet is pure evil and gain a weird pleasure by killing women which is not explained why in the book.I loved how Mick stayed calm in the trial and how he treated the trial as  a show performance,he knows when to create the drama and he knows when to play subtle.He sort of enjoy the trial and likes show off his skill as good lawyer during trial even though when he is linked to murder of his friend.I liked the way he is in court.Another character I liked is Louis Roulet himself.He is not a typical villain.He is rich,good looking but inside he is a total different person.He is an animal inside.I loved the part where Roulet told Mick Haller during the start of a trial that he is the one who killed the women and he is also the one that killed Raul Levin, Mick's friend  as though he is telling him he stole $10.The Lincoln Lawyer taught me that not to think that  money is everything.Mick discovers that at the middle of the novel.
I could not find anything bad about the book.So overall I enjoyed  the Lincoln Lawyer and I'm going  go and watch the film adaptation of the  novel ASAP.

Grade: A

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