Wednesday, 26 October 2011

84th Academy Awards-Best Costume Design

Besides its beautiful cinematography and visual effects,the costumes in the film Hugo is another category garnering some buzz even before the release.The costume of the 90s in Paris and  with the  choice of colourful costumes gives a feeling of being in another world.Sandy Powell the costume designer of the film had already been nominated 9 times for the Oscar and won 3.

2.The Help
The Help has a setting during the 60s and the costume differs in both of the maids and their bosses in Mississippi.The costumes had some colourful prints did brought  the 60s to life.We had earlier seen the work of the costume designer Sharen Davis  in Dreamgirls and Ray which she was nominated for Best Costume Design and some impressiveve work in both The Pursuit of Happiness and Seven Pounds.

3.The Artist
Mark Bridges used the costumes during the 1920s ,old Hollywood glamour styles in order to revive the  essence of the silent cinema and its actors at that time.He is yet to been nominated and I feel he is about to see his first Oscar nod

The film Anonymous had costumes of the aristocrats and  the commoners during time of Queen Elizabeth .The film Anonymous is garnering buzz for its costume design(Lisy Christl) and for its art direction.
5.A Dangerous Method
Denise Cronenberg   work for creating the  costumes of the two famous  fathers of psychoanalysis  Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud  and Sabina the Russian patient who  starts to have affair with Jung is also garnering some buzz for the designer who had been working in Cronenberg earlier films. 
Eiko Ishioska is also garnering some buzz even before the release of the film Immortals for creating the  costumes of the Greek mythology based film.The warrior costumes of the Gods received positive reactions from the critics at the pre-screening of the film.Eiko had already won an Oscar for his work for Dracula.

7.Jane Eyre
Michael O'Connor is the costume designer for the film Jane Eyre.he is well known for his work in the Duchess which he won an Oscar.Michael O'Connor created  amazing costumes worn during the Victorian  era.the film is also garnering some buzz in the art direction department.


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

A great list here. I'm still pretty new to understanding what the costume branch goes for, but this seems reasonable. The only one I'm uncertain of is Harry Potter--not because of the quality, but because I wonder how many of the costumes are new to this film, as opposed to being taken from some of the others in the series?

I also heard a lot about Jane Eyre early in the season. I'm not sure if it will have the buzz to carry through though (or indeed, if buzz even matters in this category).

Again, great analysis!

F.FRANKLIN said...

yes i agree with you..i was also a little unsure whether to include Harry Potter as i felt the part one had more stronger costumes(the wedding ,the ministry of magic) i added it as war films are the favourite of AMPAS but your question is a valid one about how many costumes are new to this movie..i think i'll remove it from the list and will replace it with jane eyre.

actually jane eyre was like my eight prediction.i loved the movie and the performance of Mia and Michael in the film is amazing,especially Mia.the costumes in the films is also refreshing as michael o'connor is a talented designer.he had alreay won for the duchess in 2008.
thanks again.

NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Unfortunately I didn't get around to actually seeing Jane Eyre, but as you say O'Connor is really talented.

Now I'm a little nervous about my Harry Potter comment. If it turns out that I'm wrong, I hope you won't blame me too much for messing up your track record! ;-)

F.FRANKLIN said...

Avada Potter has a better shot in the visual effects and art direction category..As for Jane Eyre,i feel its the best depiction of the novel