Saturday, 3 March 2012

5 Underrated Films

Freshly from Oscars,I would like to dedicate this post on my favourite underrated film that is surprisingly good that got overlooked mainly for its content and lack of star power.Whats your favourite underrated film?

1.Black Death

A knight and his companions travel to locate and capture a necromancer who is said to bringing dead  to alive.
-Wonderfully acted by Sean Bean,Carice Van Houten and Eddie Redmayne
-Beautiful dark backdrops which set the tone of the film without being so obvious

2.All Good Things

Based on the true events of the disappearance of Kathie Durst,the film has Kirsten Dunst has the victim wife and Ryan Gosling as the creepy husband.
-The performance of Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling is award worthy.It's a shock when Ryan Gosling who gave performance like this along with Blue Valentine was snubbed for an Oscar nod last year.


A wife hires a prostitute to investigate whether her husband is faithful to her but things take a dark turn when the prostitute  falls for the wife.
- Amanda Seyfried as the manipulative prostitute and  huge eyes was perfect to depict the lustful and lonely Chloe.Amanda is a talented actress and she should choose her future projects wisely.Lovelace looks promising and risky at the same time.


Post the outbreak of a deadly flesh eating virus, two brothers and their girlfriends  decide to take a trip across the country to their parents cabin.
-the script is so different compared to other apocalypse film.the screenplay is brilliant and makes us wonder what we would do at their situation
-Piper Perabo,Emily Vancamp  and Chris Pine all gave a commendable job.The shocking performance in the film belongs to sick child of Christopher Meloni .

5.Freedom Writers
A teacher tries to inspire her students to read and improve their grades and tries to unite her students who were socially separated based on their race.
-Hillary Swank  and Imelda Staunton.


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

I think I saw Freedom Writers when it came out, but I don't remember much about it.

I have heard good things about Black Death from a few different sources. I'm wondering if its Video On Demand entrance made is not qualify for awards, of if people just forgot about it.

Pete said...

Always kinda wanted to see Carriers, might have to seek that one out!

F.FRANKLIN said...

@NeverTooEarly You should watch Black Death..just for Carice Va Houten and Sean Bean
@Pete dont let the zombie theme let you down..its is a really good film