Thursday, 15 March 2012

Why I Love Hunger Games

My fellow blogger Pete from ILoveThatFlim unleashed his love for Hunger Games and why he loves The Hunger Games and now its my turn.

As most of you can tell by now that I'm more into fantasy genre,LOTR,ASOIAF and Harry Potter.When I read a book I want to leave this world and just slip into the pages,metaphorically and so far only fantasy genre had given me the satisfaction .The comparison toward Twilight and the word 'Young Adults' is a complete turn off.So what made me to read the books?The well made trailer.After watching the trailer I knew I need to read it.

In case if you're living under the rock,The Hunger Games  is the story of Katniss Everdeen from the poorest district of Panem who volunteered herself for the brutal and deadly 74th Hunger Games when her sister's name is pulled out, which is televised live around Panem for the entertainment of the capitol citizen as a remembrance of their rebellion.The rule of the game is quite simple ,be the last one alive ,you win a house and one of supplies.Katniss being the the source of income of her family after the death of her father  needs to win the game for her mother and sister sake.Things get more difficult when Peeta,a boy who once gave hope for Katniss  to live is also chosen as a  male tribute.

So here is my top 3 why one should watch The Hunger Games.

1.The superb cast.
-The only good thing Twilight had taught to those who want to adapt a successful novel into  a film  is that one should cast actors that could play the role instead of casting actors who looks like the role.Casting the blonde  Academy Nominee Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss is the best decision the casting team had done.Those who had watched Winters Bone realised that Jennifer's acting is very natural and convincing which  suits Katniss well.Then you have Josh Hutcherson(The Kids Are Alright,Fragments,Bridge To Terrabithia) as Peeta,Woody Harrelson(Rampage,Zombieland,The Messenger) as Haymitch,Isabelle Fuhrman(Orphan) as Clove,Donald Sutherland as President Snow,Stanley Tucci(The Devil Wears Prada,The Lovely Bones) and Elizabeth Banks who is well known for her accent imitations as Effie.

2.Universal plot
-Even if the plot of the film is not from the successful novel,I can see cult film written all over it.One doesn't have to read the novel to understand the plot of the film.It is simple and very straightforward.It will cater to everyone as it is packed with action scenes for those who loves bloodbath,subtle romance for the romantic ones(believe me the usage of the romance subplot in  The Hunger Games is the probably the most realistic and clever usage) of all time.

3.Realistic and  role model characters
- Unlike other female protagonist in young adult novels,Katniss Everdeen is one of the strongest female characters that have been created.Even after the death of her father and her mother falling into depression,Katnsis doesn't give up and take the responsibility to provide food for the family.Unlike some of the girls in the district who sleeps with rich man for food,she decides to hunt  and sell it as a source of income.She remains strong throughout the novel even at tough situations and is determined to win the game no matter what.Peeta Melark is another character that teaches the reader that violence is not a answer for everything.

4.A warning where  we are heading towards
-I'm not talking about the colourful costumes of the Capitol. I'm talking about the lives of Panem.Panem is the remainder of what use to be North America after it is destroyed by war,pollution and natural disaster. This can be applied everywhere.As Pete stated in his blog, there is parallel situation of the exploitation of reality TV  in the Hunger Games and our current pop culture We are wasting our time and energy with the current reality shows and raising celebrities everywhere like the Kardashians while there are much better things to do.And not to forget how HW  reminds us the government  can misuse its power

Based on just the trailer and some of the pics released,I feel The Hunger Games could be a serious contender in the Best Costume Design,Best Original score and maybe visual effects if mutative animals and events during the game are done well.I'm really impressed with the costumes of the Capitol citizens.They are bold,colourful,unique and humorous.Judiana Markovsky is a two time Oscar nominee well known for her costumes in films such as the first Potter film,Pleasantville,X-Men :Last Stand and Seabiscuit.


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

I can tell that this series is going to be a big hit. Originally I kept thinking that I don't want to start another franchise, but I'm more and more convinced that I'll end up enjoying this one. Not sure if I'll be able to handle the crowds for the first weekend, but I do think that I'll see it for sure before it leaves theaters.

F.FRANKLIN said...

I just hope they would stop promoting the film by Team Peeta or Team Gale..romance is so subtle and even the romance that is present in the book is the fake one they use for their own benefit