Friday, 23 March 2012

The Host -teaser

Check out the teaser of the adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's novel The Host.I guess the name Stephanie Meyer attached to a movie is a big turn off but the plot  does sound interesting.The novel is told in the point of view of the alien Wanda who invades the body of Melanie but found it difficult to gain full control of her body and mind due to the strong human connection and memories of the host Melanie.Wanda becomes curious about Melanie's memory and start to investigate her previous life.I don't think I wanna spend my time reading  the novel unless  anyone can convince me that it is a worth of time.However I'm looking forward the movie for two reasons,the lead Saoirse Ronan (surely she needs gonna need to practise two different voices with different accent and tone)and Gattaca director Andrew Niccol.Tell me what do you think of the teaser ,the film and the novel itself.


Heather Smith said...

I'm pretty sure the Alien's name is "The Wanderer" and not Wanda. But it does sound interesting, I've heard it's leagues better than Twilight.

F.FRANKLIN said...

yes the alien is called the Wanderer but she later adapts the name Wanda as she travels.