Monday, 19 March 2012

Prometheus,Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter& Snow White and Huntsman-Trailer

Here is the latest trailer of Prometheus.I got mixed feelings with this trailer.We got some glimpses of Michael Fassbender as the android and some clear shots of  other characters which includes Idris Elba,Charlize Theron and the fabulous Noomi Rapace.Too bad there is no sightings of the aliens.

Another trailer of the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.There is a shot of a older Abraham Lincoln.I'm not sure its an old footage of Abraham Lincoln but if  it is not an a old footage but makeup and visual effects,Kudos.However I'm not still convinced about this film.However it does look interesting and the action sequence looks good.

Finally we get to see Snow White speak.The trailer just built my expectation for Charlize Theron to kick arse.She looks amazing.The visual effects looks brilliant and I'm loving the creation of the the Dark Forest.


Pete said...

Prometheus is looking pretty perfect from where I sit. I too am still unconvinced by the Abe Vampire Hunting flick!

F.FRANKLIN said...

Yes Prometheus looks great and I'm loving the cast..It would be great if they could insert Michelle Yeoh into the cast as they planned