Sunday, 26 February 2012

84th Academy Awards-Winners

I manage to predict(here) 14/20 or 70%  (excluding Documentary and Short Films as I don't watch it)of the categories right especially in the main  acting categories.Although I'm quite sad that Harry Potter didn't win any,I was glad with winning of Jean Dujardin and Meryl Streep in their respective categories.Check out the complete list of winners.

Best Picture:The Artist
-A  black and white silent film with unknown cast.A one of kind film released last year,The Artist has all the qualities of being a classic film when look back many years later.

Best Director:Michel Hazanavicius
-his speech was funny but the Oscar went to the right person.He took a huge risk and it worked.

Best Actor: Jean Dujardin.The Artist
-WOW!!!!YES!!Well Deserved.Jean gave his best performance and won for it.Thankfully George 's charming personality didn't stop Jean from getting his deserved recognition.

Best Actress: Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady
-The  difference in voice modulation and tone  in her short clip of the The Iron Lady and her speech shows how great she is.One of the greatest actress in our time and a well deserve win.Viola Davis and Michelle Williams both gave great performance in their respective films and I'm 100% they will win someday in the future.

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer,Beginners
-I couldn't help whining that it should have been Albert Brooks when Jonah Hill's name is announced.Christopher Plummer's performance  in the Beginners was heart warming and he this is like a lifetime achievement award for him for appearing in many memorable movies.

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer,The Help
- Well deserved.Genuine emotions during her speech.Minny's chocolate pie for the Oscars!

Best Cinematography:Hugo, Robert Richardson
-Emannuel Lubezki  got snubbed for his amazing work in  The Tree Of Life.Looks like The Tree of Life is gonna have a bad night.

Best Art Direction: Hugo,Dante Ferretti & Francesca Lo Schiavo
-I had predicted Hugo for this category after watching the film.Beautiful sets especially the train station.Well deserved!

 Best Costume Design: The Artist,Mark Bridges
-He had two challenges in this film,one to bring old Hollywood glamour back and and the colour choice to make it work on the black and white film.

Best Make-up: The Iron Lady,Mark Coulier & J. Roy Helland
-the  only category that I thought Harry Potter had a bright chance to win tonight.

Best Foreign Film: A Separation,Asghar Faradi
-first film from Iran to win this category.Kudos!

Best Film Editing: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Angus Wall & Kirk Baxter
-Besides it original score,the editing was one of the plus point of the film.

Best Sound Editing: Hugo, Philip Stockton &Eugene Gearty

Best Sound Mixing: Hugo,Tom Fleischman & John Midgley
-Big win for Hugo,so far 4 wins

Best Documentary: Undefeated

Best Animated Film: Rango
-Yay!One  my favourite film last year

Best Visual Effects: Hugo
-Both Rise of  Planet Of The Apes and HP  are snubbed in this category.I loved Hugo but thought there were other deserving nominee.

Best Original Score: The Artist,Ludovic Bource
-the voice for the Artist,well done!

Best Original Song: Muppets,Man or Muppet

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Descendants

Best Original Screenplay: Woody Allen ,Midnight In Paris
-one of the fresh and creative script of last year.I wonder why Woody Allen is absent tonight.

Best  Live Action Short Film: The Shore

Best Documentary,Short: Saving Face

Best Animated Short Film: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr.Morris Lessmore

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