Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pure Talent-Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst

This week I wanna just list some of the best performance of Kirsten Dunst who had been acting since she was eight years old.Check it out.

Some other honorable mentions

Marrie Antoinette
Little Women

6.Spider-Man Films
Its very rare for the love interest in a male centric film given some importance,let alone a superhero film.Herc character Mary Jane Watson were given some depth and her performance and her chemistry with Tobey Maguire was so convincing.The role also manages to showcase her singing talent.

5.Interview With The Vampire
Her performance as the child vampire Claudia is creepy in a good way.

4.Mona Lisa Smile
In a big cast and opposite Julia Robberts,Her performance as the the arrogant student was one of the few plus point of the film and the most memorable one.

Another mature performance by Kirsten Dunst.She plays this young rebel who both unknowingly and knowingly corrupts her  innocence good boyfriend.Its another side of Kirsten Dunst that we rare see onscreen and the scene of her confronting her father.

2.All Good Things
A underrated film where both Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst were at the top notch.Dunst plays the Kathie Marks who during the early part of the film is a radiant,beautiful girl who got married to David Marks and as the film progresses,she plays a independent woman who is afraid about her husband weird behaviour,want a way out from the marriage and at the same time loving her husband.Kirsten Dusnt performance in this film is one of its major pluses.You see the emotional transformation of the character Kathie through Dunst portrayal and even after she is missing ,she continues to haunt the film.Usually I can choose my favourite scene in a movie but in this movie almost every scene Kirsten Dunst is in is superb especially the before the abortion scene.

Her best performance as the depressed bride at the end of the world is probably the best performance in her career.She doesn't speak much throughout the film but still we feel her agony through her body language and expression.Her performance in this film is Oscar nod worthy and I'm still mad that she got snubbed this year.

She has some interesting projects ahead her the black comedy Bachelorette and the Oscar bait role of a prostitute in the Red Light Winter

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