Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rabbit Hole

I cant believe that I took almost a year to finally sit and watch this beautiful film ,Rabbit Hole directed John Cameron Mitchell ,staring Nicole Kidman,Aaron Eckhart ,Tammy Blanchard and more rounding up the cast.As many of you have known the film is about how a husband and wife(Nicole and Aaron) try to overcome the premature death of their 4 year old son.The husband ,Howie try to cope his grief by joining a help group,taking pod with one of the mother in a the group, brilliantly played by Sandra Oh and almost started an affair with her.The wife tries to cope her grief by reaching the boy who is responsible hitting her son and with the help of her mother.At the end ,they both realise that what they need is each other to overcome this bad event together so that it will not take a toll on their relationship.
 It was nice to see Nicole Kidman playing such a complex role since it we saw in her in movies like Moulin Rouge, Cold Mountain and The Hours.Her numbness and fragility in her performance as the grieving mom is probably one of Nicole's best performance  in her career.Her performance is restrained but we feel the agony in her.Aaron Eckhart performance is one of understated performance in the film.He is  good looking and the chemistry between him and Nicole is convincing although there is only tiny intimacy between the characters.His character is more loud than Nicole's and Aaron conveyed the emotions ans struggle well.His performance is mixed with rage,vulnerability and craving for support is also his best performance in his career.He should be doing more of this kind of dramatic roles.Dianne West although having a very small role,gave a memorable,warm performance but it would be nice if we get to see a bit more of Tammy Blanchard who was great in the TV film We Were The Mulvaneys.Sandra Oh as usual was superb in conveying  loneliness and the last scene where she stands in front of her house waiting for Howie to enter  is heartbreaking.
John Cameron should be praised for making the film comfortable to watch despite of its theme and sensitive subject.


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Glad you got to see this one. The performances here are really striking and I enjoyed the story much more than I thought I did when I first went in.

Ryan said...

I'm glad you liked this one as it's such a great film. I also really liked Aaron Eckhart in this film (and Kidman too obviously) and agree that it's his best performance to date. For some reason all of the characters he plays feel acted to me (when I just want to see a realistic character). But whatever John Cameron Mitchell told him for this film really worked.

F.FRANKLIN said...

@NeverTooEarly, I too expected it to be boring but the film was really good

@Ryan I thought Aaron was brilliant in the Dark Knight,Thank you for smoking and even that film where he plays the sexual predator..but I agree that this is his best