Thursday, 16 February 2012

Upcoming Films

Check out some of the trailers that had been circulating the net.While one looks promising the other  looks doubtful.
-Keira Knightley has amazing projects in her hands right know such as Anna Karenina,a period flick and a another Effie Gray film .Seeking a friend at the end of the world seem to be a comedy,drama film and it does look good based on the trailer.Oddly her chemisrty with Steve Carell seems to work but we need to wait to see the film .

-Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Hunter is a film that could possibly one of the worst film of the year or one of the entertaining film of the year.I tried to buy the novel and just as I reach the counter to pay ,I would go back and choose another book.So I'm looking forward for this film just to see what it is really about and  mainly for Mary Elizabeth Winstead who won critical acclaim in Sundance Film Festival for her performance in Smashed is in the film.

Lastly a still from Byzantium,a vampire flick about a mother daughter duo who forms a deadly pack directed by Neil Jordan.Although being another vampire flick,this film is one of the film I'm looking forward to watch as Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton  playing the duo and the fact Neil Jordan(Ondine,Interview with The Vampire fame) directing the film.Another interesting  thing is Saoirse learned the piano for the role.

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