Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pure Talent-Ellen Page

This week I would like to list some of my favourite performance of Oscar Nominee Ellen Page in the Pure Talent section.
Ellen Page

Some other honorable mentions
-Hard Candy,Peacock

-Her performance as Ariadne mixed with innocence and maturity manages to blend well with the  entire cast especially Leonardo DiCaprio.Her chemistry with Joseph Gordon Levitt was another plus point in the film.

2.Whip It
-In this Drew Barrymore directorial,Ellen Page plays Bliss ,a daughter of a controlled mom who forces her to join pageants but she is interested in Roller Derby.Again Ellen Page manages to carry the film by herself and played the rebellious daughter with ease.Her  body language of Bliss,the swagger or 'don't give a damn' look and attitude is convincing .I loved the scene when she tells her mother that she had lost her virginity to  a wrong guy and Marcia Gay Harden is equally impressive in this film.

-In this indie flick,Ellen Page plays a teenager who got pregnant ,decides to against abortion and decides to give birth the baby.Instead of crying or being ashamed and trying to hide herself,she decides not to let the unplanned pregnancy to ruin her life.Ellen Page was brilliant in portraying Juno.She is damn funny when it need  to be and nailed the vulnerable soft side of Juno when her plans for the baby future seems to collapse.Ellen's performance as the tough teen mom earn her an Oscar nomination .


Ryan said...

I have only seen the 3 films you have listed in terms of Ellen Page films. She did nothing for me Inception. However, I thought she was Oscar nomination worthy in the other two. While Juno is definitely her best performance to date, I don't think she gets enough credit for her performance in Whip It.

Candice Frederick said...

definitely juno. and i'd also add hard candy to the list too

F.FRANKLIN said...

@Ryan I do agree with you that Whip it is amazing indie flick.I loved the whole cast and as you too said Ellen doesnt gets enough dredit for her performance in the film ,so unfortunate!
@Candice Frederick I addded Hard Candy and Peacock above the top 3
Thanks for commenting guys!

Pete said...

Great in Hard Candy and Juno. Have you seen 'Super'? She's hilarious in that! And it was a really cool film too!

F.FRANKLIN said...

@Pete,I havent watched Super but yes she was great in Hard Candy!