Friday, 30 December 2011

Pure Talent-Emma Stone

Emma Stone
I first noticed Emma Stone in the film The House Bunny.She played the role of one students of the lame Greek sorority  which Anna Farris enters and teach them to be sexy and confident.After a series of films,she stared in Zombieland which became a critical and financial success.
However it was Easy which earned her a Golden Globe Best Actress nod which became her breakout role.In Easy A ,we see Emma Stone portraying the girl who becomes a victim of gossips and finally start to using it to her own advantage until realising this new person  which she created,who people assumed she is so different to her true self,Emma stone carried the whole film  by herself and was superb in all the comedic scene.she is really so hilarious in the film.I love when she spoke Spanish to the Indian boy who offered her the coupons and the scene with Dan Byrd.she excels in the emotional scene too,the scene when she thought she was taken for a date but only realising he too wants her for something else.

This year we saw her appearing in two films,Crazy Stupid Love and The Help which both achieved critical acclaim and box office success.While one is a romantic comedy the other is more of drama.
In The Help she played  Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan,a writer who starts writing the story of black maids and how they are treated by the bosses in southern Mississippi.To speak the truth,although playing the lead character,she was overshadowed by the other actress in the film which include Viola Davis,Bryce Dallas Howard,Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer(well that's a bunch of talented actress with lots of experience).In Crazy Stupid Love,she played Ryan Gosling love interest and as usual her comedic timing is great.
She will be seen in the upcoming Spider man reboot and again opposite Ryan Gosling in the Gangster Squad.She had proved  that she is good in comedy but dramatic films,intense plots...not sure yet.We saw some glimpses in Easy A  and it would nice if she takes on serious role where she doesn't need to use her comedy to charm us so that she doesn't falls into stereotypical roles.
Anyways ,all the best to Emma Stone and her future projects.


Candice Frederick said...

i really haven't been sold on her, to be honest. i did like her in easy A

F.FRANKLIN said...

she was dman good in Easy A ..Amanda Bynes too!!