Tuesday, 13 December 2011

84th Academy Awards-Best Aupporting Actor(predictions)

1.Christopher Plummer(winner)
Christopher Plummer for the heartwarming portrayal of a father who comes out to his son after the death of his wife  and start exploring the life he had missed inserted with humour and some sentimental scenes in the film the Beginners.In his long career ,Plummer had been only nominated once for the Oscars but something tells me he gonna win this time.

2.Albert Brooks
Albert Brooks  for giving a brilliant performance in role of a cold blooded  mafia in the film Drive.Albert who is well known to play good guy roles shockingly gives a convincing performance as a guy that would do anything to get what he wants.It can be said   for sure that its gonna be between Christopher Plummer and Albert Brooks to win the  golden statue.

3.Ben Kingsley
For bringing back Georges Milies alive onscreen in the Martin Scorsese film Hugo.He is well known for winning the Best Actor for portraying Mohandas Gandhi in the film Gandhi and had been nominated for his roles in Bugsy,Sexy Beast and House of Sand and Fog.

4.John Hawkes
John Hawkes for the playing the charming and disturbing cult leader Patrick in the Sean Durkin film Martha Marcy May Marlene.While at first he is shown charming and calm,as the film progresses,we learn more disturbing sides  to  the both Patrick and the cult.

5.Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer for his superb performance in the J.Edgar Hoover biopic film J.Edgar as Hoover go to man and secret lover Clyde Tolson.Armie hammer had some  emotional scenes in the film which is definitely award worthy and could land a nomination if campaigned well but as for now most campaigning are directed toward Leonardo DiCaprio.

So what do you think of my predictions?Do you wanna add anyone or did I miss anyone else ?


Ryan said...

This is such a crazy category that I can see so many different possibilities for nominations. The only locks are Plummer and Brooks. I really hope that your John Hawkes prediction becomes true. He was great in that film.

What do you think the chances are for Max von Sydow from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close getting nominated? I think he has a good shot.

NeverTooEarlyMP said...

I'm so hoping that you are right about Hammer. He's been losing steam with the early precursors, but I'm hoping that he gets a SAG nod later today and/or a golden globe nod tomorrow. Still, it is the kind of performance that could potentially surprise without these, given that it is Eastwood, and people are going to want to see Leo's performance before they vote. Plus, they need someone young in the race (but not child star young).

F.FRANKLIN said...

@Ryan Max von Sydow could makeinto the nomination list if the movie and his performance are good but he also had some competition from his young co-star Thomas Horn who even though a lead will be campaigned as supporting......and just like you I'm hoping for John Hawkes to get nominated.too many young actors this year having oscar buzz(shailene woodley,thomas horn,rooney mara,feliciy jones,elizabeth olsen)....

@NeverTooEarlyMP lets hope Armie makes it to the Oscars ...he did get a SAG nod..cheers for that!!!!J.Edgar is really a good film with brilliant performances